In my last blog article, I wrote about a couple of Soulmate Magic techniques that involved Food Magic, and creating Altars using Crystal, Stone, Colour and Flower Magic. If you haven’t read the blog post yet, you can find it here.

This post expands the concept of Soulmate Magic and explores a few additional techniques that can be used to help you attract your SoulMate.

Please recognize, first and foremost, that the most attractive quality you can have when you begin to attract your soulmate is how well you know yourself. How well do you know what your personal core values are, what your passions are, what your life purpose is?

If you are not sure what your personal core values are, you can download my free e-book on Personal Core Values, or check out my Your Personal Core Values one-on-one coaching program. Once you have identified your personal core values, your passions and your life purpose, it becomes easier to visualize your ideal soulmate and the qualities, the values, and the passions you want to share with them

So once you have identified what characteristics you want your soulmate to have, one’s that will support you and your authentic lifestyle, the following techniques can help you attract and identify your soulmate:

Law of Attraction Techniques:

Act As If:

With this technique, you basically act as if you have your soulmate in your life right now. Carry a photograph of someone who looks like the person you are trying to attract. Clear space in your closet, your dresser, your bathroom for your soulmate to leave their items when they stay over. Research vacations that you and your soulmate would love to take. Start looking at larger apartments or homes. Set aside a date night and spend time doing things you would like to do with your soulmate. When you clear space n your life and in your home for a soulmate to fill, it’s starts to become easier for you to attract your soulmate.

Scripting or Visual Verbal Journaling:

Scripting is writing the story of your life as you want it to be rather than as it is right now. With Scripting, you journal your day-to-day activities as you want them to be with your soulmate in your life. You can amp up the power of scripting by adding photos of happy couples participating in the day-to-day activities as you imagine you and your soulmate would be. Images of couples walking along a deserted beach at sunset, or images of couples relaxing in their apartment, etc. Then with the images, you would script the scene in the photo as though you and your soulmate were living it. What are you feeling? How is your soulmate responding to you? What are you talking about?

These two powerful Law of Attraction techniques actually influence your brain in that they shift your perspective, you way of viewing your reality, what you actually perceive, and in doing so, open up opportunities and possibilities for connecting with your soulmate that you might not have noticed before.

Tarot Spreads

So, how do you know if the person you meet really is your soulmate?

You can use your Intuition. Your gut feeling is usually a good indicator of how you are reacting to the other person. Is your Intuition telling you this person might not be very good for you? Or is it indicating that there might be something special about this new person in your life? One of the problems with relying on your Intuition in this particular situation, is that sometimes what we want, as determined by our social self, gets in the way of our Intuition telling us that this might not be right for us,as determined by our essential self. And sometimes our hormones take over and we mistake good old lust for love at first sight!

For anyone who uses Tarot, or has thought about using Tarot, there are several really good Tarot spreads that can help you connect more deeply with your intuition and identify potential soulmates. If you want to use Tarot but are not sure how to or where to begin, I offer some advice to beginners in my book Clarity Alchemy: When Success Is Your Only Option that is available either through my website, you can access it by clicking here or through Amazon Kindle, you can access it by clicking here.

The One Tarot SpreadA Tarot Spread that I have used and found to be very effective at identifying Soulmates is:

“The One Spread” – The tarot spread shown to the right is “The One Spread” and comes from the book Tarot Spreads: Layouts and Techniques to Empower Your Readings by Barbara Moore, and available on Amazon.

The cards in this layout and their meanings are:

Card 1: Your Gut Feelings – Your gut feeling about the other person and the relationship. This card helps you gain clarity around why you are doing the reading, or around a nagging feeling you have towards the other person that you would like some clarity around.

Card 2: Physical Response – Your physical response to the other person. Are you in a long-distance relationship? if yes, how are you responding to this? What is the basis of the physical aspects of this relationship?

Card 3: Emotional Response – Your emotional response to the other person. How balanced are your emotions between this other person and yourself? Is it a healthy emotional relationship, one that contains emotional intimacy?

Card 4: Intellectual Response – Your intellectual response to the other person. Are you intellectually stimulated, gored, or intimidated? How do the two of you deal with arguments and disagreements?

Card 5: Spiritual Response – Your spiritual response to the other person. Are you inspired, or encouraged to grow and change in positive ways?

Card 6: The Question – you pull this card after you have completed the reading of the other five cards. This card indicates the real question you are wanting this reading to answer about the other person. This card indicates what you need to know before you move forward with this relationship.

Additional Tarot Spreads for love and relationships, money, and other issues, can be found on my Mojo Tarot Board on Pinterest, available here.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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