Clarity Manifesto

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had an internal compass that unerringly brought you back to your truest path and your authentic self.

This is what deep, authentic Clarity can do for you.

Regarding Clarity, this is what I know for sure:

1. Clarity is knowing what brings you joy, what amplifies your well-being, what adds ease and success to your life.

2. Clarity is knowing your unique mix of core values and core desired feelings, and drawing on them to gain focus, to set daily intentions, and to amp up your manifesting magic to achieve your biggest, wildest, and most awesome dreams.

3. Clarity comes from within. “At the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” Lao Tzu’s quote is the heart of Clarity, and the foundation of my coaching practice.

4. Clarity honors all of our emotions. All emotions, even negative emotions like jealousy, regret, anger, fear, sadness, can lead us to Clarity.

5. Clarity lets you create your own path, follow your own heart, remain open and true to your own authentic life.

6. Clarity lets you dive head first into the adventure that is your life

Your passion and desire + my coaching and support = the Clarity of your truest path, your authentic self, and your most awesome life!!

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