The Clarity Alchemy One Month VIP Program


The Clarity Alchemy VIP Program has been set up in such a way that each part is intended to be completed in one month.

If your interest is to identify your Personal Core Values or your Personal Success Inventory then you can focus on Part 1, the Clarity Section is for you. 

If you are interested in exploring your Intuition and learn more about how to design a balanced life, the Part 2 of the Clarity Alchemy Program, the Decision-Making and Design Section, would be perfect for you.

If you are all set to start manifesting and creating your ideal, aligned life, but need some guidance and mentoring on how to do this, then Part 3 – the Manifesting and Creating Section of this program will provide you with all of the guidance, the mentoring, and the coaching that you need to make this magic happen.

The Clarity Alchemy One Month VIP Program includes:

1) Four 50-minute Coaching/Mentoring Sessions. You select which part of the Clarity Alchemy VIP Program you would like to focus on and together we make it happen. These sessions can be recorded if you would like

2) Two Tarot Readings. The first Tarot Reading happens during the first week and focuses on identifying blocks or challenges, and bringing information to light that you might not be aware of. The second Tarot Reading happens during the last week of the program and focuses on next steps, what actions you should consider taking going forward.

3) Two Distance Reiki Sessions. The first Distance Reiki Session happens during the first week, after our first Coaching/Mentoring session and focuses on removing energetic blocks that might be preventing you from moving forward. The second Distance Reiki Session  happens after our last Coaching/Mentoring session and focuses on amping up your clarity, your intuition, and the inspired action steps you will be taking moving forward.

4) Four weeks of continuous Reiki Energy Flow.Your information and issues will be added to my Reiki Box where you will receive three months of Reiki energy flow working gently but consistently to help remove blocks and obstacles and open you up to opportunities and synchronicities.

5) Four weeks of email coaching. This additional support is available to when you need it, via email for the full four weeks of this Clarity Alchemy One Month VIP Program. You don’t need to ‘save up’ your questions or spend time feeling stuck between calls. My advice, my support, my coaching is just an email away.

If you have any questions about this program, or would like more information or clarity on what is involved with this program, please feel to email me at

The Clarity Alchemy One Month VIP Program – $1,100

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