The Clarity Coaching Monthly Email & Text Package is ideal for anyone who:

  • has a lot of things going on in their life right now and don’t feel they can commit to being available for regularly scheduled coaching sessions, but
  • feels the need for some life coaching or some support to help them get through the stuff they are currently struggling with.


This Monthly Email & Text Coaching Package includes:Lakeside

  • one month of unlimited full-on, flat-out, fully focused, effective life coaching that is available through text and/or email and is available when you need it, where you need it,
  • one full month of support, accountability, guidance and clarity
  • coaching and support that is completely open and flexible,
  • coaching and support that is available to you wherever you are in the world. As long as you can send an email or a text, you can be coached and supported.

The process of email and text-based coaching is really straightforward – once you have signed up for email/text coaching, you will receive a special email address – one that has been set up specifically for you, and my phone number!

As soon as you have received your personalized email address and my phone number, you can begin sending me texts or emails whenever you need to. I will respond as soon as possible – usually within hours of your sending your text or email (subject to availability and time constraints). We can even have chat sessions where texts and emails are exchanged instantly (also subject to availability and time constraints).

Clients can submit an unlimited number of emails and/or text messages per month, so clients always receive the full amount of clarity and support they are looking for.

Be advised, like most coaching sessions, there could be some homework involved!! Tasks, tools, techniques that are all part of the one-on-one coach/client experience will be part of this email and text based coaching package.

For $333 (US) per month you receive

  • powerful just-in-time coaching and support through unlimited emails and text messages;
  • homework that is created specifically for you to help you achieve your goals;
  • tools and techniques that will help you continue to succeed well beyond our coaching sessions;
  • the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are being supported through whatever challenges you are facing.
  • a money-back guarantee. If after 14 days (that’s half the length of the program) you are unhappy with this program, with my response time, or with the results you are receiving, let me know and I will return the full $333 (US) to you without delay!

If you are still not sure if Clarity Email and Text-Based Coaching is right for you, or if you still have doubts about Clarity Coaching in general, send me an email with any questions or concerns that are coming up for you. My email address is

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But……if you are interested in getting started with some powerful and effective email and text-based coaching, sign up now for your first month of amazing clarity coaching by clicking the “Add To Cart” button below. 


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