I’m a Reiki Master, Certified Reiki for Animals Practitioner, an LOA Clarity Coach, an Intuition Coach, a Lifescaping Coach, a Martha Beck Life Coach, and a Retirement Coach

Information about the various Certificates, Degrees and Awards that I have accumulated over the years can be found here, just in case you were interested 🙂

Reiki Master Certification

Reiki Master

This past summer I became fascinated with Reiki and they way that Reiki complements other energy practices, like Law of Attraction, Conscious Creation, Tarot, Intuition, etc. so I decided to train to become a Reiki Master.

Thanks to my amazing mentor, Ming Chee of Reiki Fur Babies and her partner Candy Boroditsky, I am now able to enhance my Life and Transformation Coaching sessions with Reiki.

The Good Vibe Coach Academy

I am a Law of Attraction Coach, Certified by the Good Vibe Coach Academy. The coach training offered at this amazing Academy grounds the Law of Attraction/Deliberate Creation in Quantum Physics, Neuroplasticity and Brain Chemistry – it doesn’t get much better than this!!

Certified Automatic Intuition Professional

Being trained as a Law of Attraction Coach through the Good Vibe Coach academy opened me up to exploring a variety of interesting, slightly left of centre topics, including whether it was possible to develop my intuition to the point where it would help me live an authentic, soul-aligned life. My search led me to Slade Roberson, and his powerful Intuition Training and Certification Program. Through the process of becoming Certified, I deeply reconnected with my Intuition and also discovered the power of Tarot.

Martha Beck Life Coach Training

I completed training as a Martha Beck Life Coach in the fall of 2012. I loved Martha Beck’s approach to life coaching. Her tools and techniques help coaches get to the heart of issues and really help clients achieve their goals.

Certified Professional Retirement Coach

I first became interested in the concept of productive aging through a Social Policy course that I studied as an undergraduate student, and then Tutored. The idea of a period of time in one’s life where a person could explore and pursue their life’s purpose, and design an authentic lifestyle around it, was enchanting.

Needless to say, over the years I continued learning more about how Baby Boomers were dealing with retirement, and finally decided to become Certified as a Professional Retirement Coach.

Master of Communications, with Distinction

I had originally intending to build on a Bachelor of Arts in Social Policy that I had received, but became fascinated by a new Masters program in Communications that was being offered at Victoria University.

The program was strongly influenced by Marshall McLuhan’s media theories which focuses on exploring the impacts of media on society. As a result, this Masters Degree Program combined Communications Theories with an overview of the impacts of new media on society to provide a fascinating view of how new media was (and still is) changing interpersonal relationships (how we relate to each other), society in general, and various social institutions.

Bachelor of Arts, Social Policy

After spending years as an undergraduate Distance Education student at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario I moved to Wellington, New Zealand where I finished off my Undergraduate Degree in Social Policy.

In New Zealand, Social Policy is affiliated with both Public Policy (Government Policy) and Sociology so provided a unique perspective on social issues – including the aging of the population, poverty, education, welfare, etc. In Canada, Social Policy courses are associated with Social Work, which, although similar to the New Zealand perspective, offers a significantly different approach to the development of Social Policies.

McMaster University’s President’s Award for Outstanding Performance

Every year, McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario celebrates its employees by bestowing the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance. Recipients are nominated by fellow employees, and then selected by the University’s President from the nominees.

I had the great good fortune of working on an 18 month contract as an Academic Advisor for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program the year we were nominated for, and won the award, and am proud to share this award with the two other brilliant BScN Academic Advisors.

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