Clarity Alchemy Newsletter

There is so much amazing information available these days on Intuition, Tarot, Magick, the Law of Attraction, re-enchanting your everyday life, ways that we can play with or manipulate energy and create reality……that I can’t always get it to fit neatly into a blog post, or slot it into a specific category.

So, I have created my Clarity Alchemy Newsletter as an ongoing resource to share this information with you so that you too can use these amazing and effective techniques and methods to manifest your ideal, authentic life.

Each week you will receive a Clarity Alchemy Newsletter that contains:

  • a weekly Tarotscope Reading that will help you focus on taking action or removing challenges in your life; 
  • Newsletter-only special discount, and the occasional give-away;
  • tips and techniques on how you can start creating your authentic life and re-enchant your life;
  • plus weekly specials like recipes, the occasional spell or ritual, you never know what will be included!!
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