Re-Enchanting Your Life

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Re-Enchanting Your Life Program was developed to help everyone who yearns to be more adventurous, more self-reliant, more joyful, who desires to live a life of purpose and passion but isn’t quite sure where to start or what to do.


How and Why the Re-Enchanting Your Life Program came to be:
Authentic Self

If I’m so smart and well educated, why can’t I figure out what I want to do with my life??

Chris (not her real name) was a client who came to me for life coaching when I first started coaching. As we talked, Chris started cataloguing the issues she thought she needed help with, areas of her life she thought were broken. As the list grew, a central thread began to appear: her life used to be awesome, but something had changed and things she used to love now just frustrated the life out of her.

She was a professional earning a great salary, was well-educated, and, technically, had a fantastic office job working for a large organization. But she had no pension, no savings, would be 60 years old in a few years, and hated her job but couldn’t flat-out quit because she had bills and a mortgage to pay. Chris was divorced and had no immediate family so she was solely responsible for her own financial well-being. Plus, although Chris knew she no longer wanted to live the life she currently lived, she had only a vague idea of what she really wanted or how to make the major transformations she needed to make – without risking her financial well-being.

After years of education, research, and coaching, the Re-Enchanting Your Life Program was created specifically with clients like Chris – and you – in mind to help you find the clarity and focus you need to create the life of your dreams, even if you don’t yet know what your ideal life looks like.

The Re-Enchanting Your Life Program is in four separate and independent parts. Each part can be taken separately, they do not have to be taken together, all at once.

Anyone can complete Part 1: Re-Discovering Yourself, but to register in Part 2: Designing Your Life, you will have needed to have completed Part 1, Rediscovering Yourself. And to register in Part 3a: Creating Your New Lifestyle, or Part 3b: Creating Your Lifestyle Career you will need to have completed both Parts 1 and 2 of the Re-Enchanting Your Life Program.


Part 1) Re-Discovering Yourself
One of the big reasons people often remain stuck in a life that frustrates and stresses them, is because they don’t know what they want – they know what they don’t want but are not clear on what they actually do want. And often even when they do know what they want, they don’t always know how to achieve it without risking everything they already have. 
This section of the Re-Enchanting Your Life Program helps you gain the clarity you need to begin moving forward by helping you identify:

  • Your Personal Core Values – what they are, why they are what they are, and how to start using them in your life. We also explore the difference between social self values and essential self values.
  • Your Intuition – everyone has intuition, but not everyone knows how to connect with their intuition, or how their intuition is trying to connect with them. So here we spend some time exploring how intuition shows up for you, and how to develop your intuition so that you can begin using your intuition to guide your choices and decisions.

By the end of this section, you should know enough about yourself, your preferences, your passions, your alignments to begin the process of making significant changes in your life.

More information on Re-Enchanting Your Life, Part 1: Re-Discovering Yourself can be found by clicking here.
Part 2)  Designing Your Life
Now that you have clarity around who you are and what you want, it’s time to start deciding how you want these core values and personal success preferences showing up in your life. In this part of the Re-Enchanting Your Life Program we look at ways to help you make decisions that are in alignment with your core values and personal success preferences. We then explore how to help you begin designing the changes you want to make in your life.

We do this through The Design Process:

The Design Process – There is an old saying “Measure twice, cut once”. Basically this saying is telling us not to be too hasty making physical changes in our environments or our lives that might not be so easy to change back if we haven’t got it right. Fortunately there is a very effective process that you can use to help you design and explore changes on paper before you actually make the physical changes in your life.

This process is based on the idea of dividing your life into 3 buckets and making sure that the energy and focus you put into each bucket is equal. Yes, this process is effective and it really does work! 

By the end of this part of the Re-Enchanting Your Life Program, not only will you have a very clear idea of what changes and transformations you want to make, but you will also have clarity around what you want them to look like in your life and will be able to clearly identify and describe your perfect day. The bonus with all of this clarity is that you will already have started making minor changes that will have major impacts as you continue to gain more clarity and manifest greater levels of alignment.

More information on Re-Enchanting Your Life, Part 2: Designing Your Life can be found by clicking here.

Part 3a) Creating Your New Lifestyle

This is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak, where, through two months of coaching and other forms of support, you begin to bring the life you have created on paper into your real world. During this part of the Re-Enchanting Your Life Program, you will explore various techniques, tools, and processes, and start implementing the ones that interest you so you can begin to bring the changes you have been working towards fully to life – confidently and successfully. 

More information on Re-Enchanting Your Life, Part 3a: Creating Your New Lifestyle can be found by clicking here.

Part 3b) Creating Your Lifestyle Career
This final part of the Re-Enchanting Your Life Program puts the spotlight on helping you create your ideal Lifestyle Career. This is a career that takes your core values, your personal success strategies that you explored in the Re-Discovering Yourself Program, the “Contribution” Bucket that you developed in the Designing Your Life Program, and helps you develop a business that is in alignment with who you are, and with your ideal clients.

For the two months of this program, you and I will work towards identifying what your ideal career looks like and then start you on the path of creating your lifestyle career.

More information on the Re-Enchanting Your Life, Part 3b: Creating Your Lifestyle Career can be found by clicking here. 
By the end of all three parts of the Re-Enchanting Your Life Program, you will have achieved the following:

  • you will have a solid framework that you can use anytime you want to make changes or transformations in your life;
  • you will know how to connect with your intuition and how to use your intuition to guide you going forward;
  • you will have to tools, the techniques, the processes that you enjoy to help you keep creating your best good life and manifesting your desires;
  • you will have begun to move into the life you have been dreaming of;
  • you will have a live with less stress and less frustration than before;
  • you will have the knowledge and the experience to continue exploring your full potential.
  • the only questions you will have regarding your life will be along the lines of, “Hmmmm, I wonder what amazing things I can create next?”


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