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Have you ever come across someone who seems to have a sixth sense about everything. They are always in the right place at the right time. Always seem to be meeting the right people, knowing exactly when to be somewhere or do something. Lucky! Right?  Well, maybe not...

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What Is An Authentic life?

The word 'authentic' has become one of those seriously overused cliches to the point where it's easy to roll our eyes at the mere mention of living an authentic life. We have become desensitized to the pure beauty of what living an authentic life really means, and as...

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What Do You Love About Your Life?

And by 'LOVE' I do not mean 'like' or 'feel comfortable with'. I mean what aspects of your life or activities in your life do you love to the point where you could not live without them! I started thinking about this the other day (yes, I know - dangerous at the best...

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It Is Never Too Late

One of the stories we tell ourselves, especially as we begin to mature, is that it is too late to begin the process of transforming the life we are currently living into the life we were meant to live. We get comfortable....the job we hate is, at least, familiar to...

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The Power of the Positive “What if…..?”

Last summer, a local radio station ran this photo on their Facebook page advertising a show dedicated to people who were about to leave for a vacation. The show was all about the things that could go wrong while people are on holiday. I'm sure from the picture, you...

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Consciously Creating Travel Magic

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you used the power of deliberate creation when you traveled? Would it work? What would you set an intention for? What would you try to manifest? And how would you go about doing this? Would you manifest first class travel...

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10 Small Steps That You Can Take Today………

............ to help you get motivated and get moving into your new lifestyle. One of the biggest challenges we face when we attempt to make big lifestyle transformations is that the gap between where we are right now and where we want to be can be huge! The bigger...

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10 Things To Consider Before Moving To A New Country

There is something romantic, exciting, adventurous about moving to a new country. Or maybe the decision to move to a new country is the result of having had several wonderful vacations in the area being considering, or is based on something read about in books or...

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Can Subconscious Limiting Beliefs Affect You?

Beliefs are just thoughts that we think over and over and over again. Thoughts become habituated in us and create our beliefs. Limiting beliefs are repeated thoughts that have a negative impact on what we are trying to accomplish. They limit our ability to succeed. We...

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Seeing Driftwood – Recognizing Signs of Success

Have you ever walked along a beach after a storm and noticed how littered the beach was with sticks and bits of debris - driftwood. The average person would likely walk past this debris, ignoring it, or silently thinking about how untidy the beach looks. A creative...

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