The Clarity


VIP Coaching Session


 $350.00 per Session


The Clarity VIP Coaching Session provides you with a single 90 minute, one-on-one session plus several coaching extras, that focuses on helping you explore a single issue, technique, process, limiting belief, etc.

With the Clarity VIP Coaching Session, you can focus on improving your intuition or your manifesting skills. Or you can gain insight into how to start effectively and successfully incorporating changes into your life without taking risks that are too big for you to feel comfortable with. Or explore ways to increase your intuitive abilities. We can work on helping you identify your Personal Core Values or what your Personal Success Inventory is all about. The focus is up to you.

The Clarity VIP Coaching Session is most effective when used by someone who has some experience with Conscious Creation, is somewhat aware of what their Personal Core Values are, has started connecting with their intuition but wants to know more.

These extended and enhanced coaching sessions also work really well for anyone who needs that bit of help identifying and releasing blocks, or is challenged at knowing what their next step is.

The Clarity VIP Coaching Session contains the following:

1) One 90 Minute, one-on-one coaching/mentoring session via phone with me. These calls can be recorded if you would like.

2) One Tarot Reading. Once you have filled out your initial intake form and have identified the issue you want to focus on during this session, I will do a Tarot Reading on the issue to help identify any underlying issues, blocks, challenges, or awesomeness associated with the issue you are exploring.

3) One 30 Minute, Distance Reiki Session. Reiki is a energy healing modality that can help remove the blocks and obstacles that were identified in the Tarot Reading. 

4) One week of email coaching access to me. That’s seven full days following our Coaching/Mentoring Session to email me with any questions you might have, further clarity you might need, or additional guidance around the issue that we focused on in the Coaching/Mentoring Session.


Clarity VIP Coaching Session

The intuitive Tarot Reading cuts straight to the heart of your issue, identifying your blocks, your challenges, your concerns, your fears. Then the one-on-one coaching & mentoring session gently guides you to your answers and the email coaching follow up helps you get firmly established on your new path.

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