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Clarity Alchemy Coaching is 

Lifestyle Coaching At Its Best! 

Clarity Alchemy Coaching isn’t your average type of life coaching. In fact, Clarity Alchemy Coaching isn’t for everyone. 

Clarity Alchemy Coaching combines Intuitive Tarot Reading (to answer those hard-to-answer personal questions; to help identify authentic blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, etc.) with Reiki healing energy (to easily and gently help dissolve blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, etc) and Conscious Creation Lifestyle Coaching (to help you successfully bring the lifestyle of your dreams into your reality). 

Clarity Alchemy Coaching was designed specifically for adventurous individuals who are interested in:

  • discovering what their life’s purpose is;
  • exploring what their authentic life looks like;
  • identifying their core values;
  • finding ways to connect with and develop their intuition
  • learning how to live a self-reliant life;
  • expand their abilities as conscious creators;
  • learning some amazing tools and techniques that will help keep them aligned with their authentic path. 


If you are someone who:Indecision

~ is feeling frustrated, stressed and completely disillusioned with your current life;

~ is feeling like there is something more, something bigger, something far more exciting that life has to offer;

~ know that you want your life to contain passion and purpose, to mean something to you, and maybe even to others; but

~ you are completely unsure of how to make even the first successful step towards this new life;

~ if you are someone who is longing to create a Wildly Awesome Life, but need some support in achieving this goal, then Clarity Alchemy Coaching is what you are looking for.

If you are ready to start down this path to a new life, then read on! Information regarding how to work one-on-one with me via phone or Skype is given below.

Information on working with me via email or text is available by clicking here

Anne Bolender gets people. Anne gets deeply into the heart of the matter so sweetly and compassionately you hardly know she’s gotten there. Anne is a wise, wise women. She has a unique blend of life experience and coaching expertise. Anyone would benefit from working with Anne, especially seekers, and creatives. Lisa H.


Individual Clarity Coaching Sessions:

If you have a specific issue that is preventing you from advancing towards a goal or fulfilling an intention, then Individual Clarity Coaching Sessions can bring you the clarity you need to begin moving forward again!

The fee for Individual Clarity Coaching Sessions is $125.00 (USD).

To purchase and schedule your Individual Clarity Coaching Session, simply click on the button below!


One Month Coaching Package:

This package includes four one-on-one coaching sessions plus email coaching between sessions.

Total price for the One Month Coaching Package is $450.00 (US)

Please note that we will be booking your remaining three coaching session during your first coaching session.

To purchase and schedule the first session of your One Month Clarity Coaching Package, simply click on the button below!

I feel so much clarity now around my niche I am confident moving forward to the next level of sharing what I love with the people who would most benefit from it. This has been a struggle for me for so long, I’m amazed at how quickly I was able to cut to the chase, thanks to your insightful thought-provoking questions and suggestions. I should add, many other coaches have tried to help me with this issue, but you are the only one to help me truly identify the essence of what I do, without boxing myself in. I feel so liberated and so grateful for you! Thanks a million! Namaste Alexandria B.


Two Month Coaching Package

In this Two Month Coaching Package, you receive:

  • 8 one-on-one coaching sessions where we meet weekly via phone or Skype,
  • plus email coaching between session,
  • plus homework and worksheets.

Total price for the Two Month Coaching Package is $880.00 

Please note that we will be booking some or all of your remaining seven coaching sessions during your first coaching session.

To purchase and schedule the first session of your Two Month Clarity Coaching Package, simply click on the button below!

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