The Clarity Lifestyle Design Program

Part 1: The Deep Clarity Program

Deep Clarity Program

The Deep Clarity Program is the first part of the three part Clarity Lifestyle Design Program. Each stage of the Clarity Lifestyle Design Program can be taken separately, or all three parts can be completed one after the other.

The Deep Clarity Program is four weeks of one-on-one coaching that is designed for anyone who wants to explore ‘below the surface’ of who they have become and discover who you were born to be.

The Deep Clarity Program involves four sixty-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, run at the rate of one session per week, plus unlimited email support.

Some of the topics covered during this four-week period include:

~ Identifying goals and setting intentions.

~ Defining and identifying your current successes.

~ Identifying your passions and personal preferences.

~ Identifying your personal core values.

At the end of the four weeks you should have a greater understanding of:

~ the activities, tasks, skills you love working with or truly desire to have as part of your new life;

~ the work environment you love working in or the living environment you want to build your new lifestyle in;  

~ what success, and concepts like creativity and abundance mean to you;

~ the types of connections you like to make both as part of you career and as part of your lifestyle;

~ your top five or six personal core values and how you want them showing up in your life, in your career, or in your business.

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Part 2: The Clarity Alignment Program

Clarity alignmentNow that you know who your essential self is and who you were born to be, the Clarity Alignment Program helps you design your ideal, aligned life.

The Clarity Alignment Program is second part of the Clarity Lifestyle Design Program and should be completed after you have completed part one of the Clarity Lifestyle Design Program.

The Clarity Alignment Program is a month long one-on-one coaching program that focuses on taking what you learned about yourself (your passions, your personal core values, etc) in stage one of the Clarity Lifestyle Design Program, the Deep Clarity Program, and helps you design your ideal, authentic life. We spend four sixty minute sessions focused on helping you work through your transformation, plus you receive unlimited email support for the month.

Together we will explore:  

~ how your personal core values and knowledge of your essential self can help you create your ideal aligned life,

~ how to identify and address issues like Alignment Drift, Alignment Conflicts, and Alignment Deficits

~ how to design a balanced life by identifying how you want your passions and your core values showing up in you Wellbeing, Connections, and Contribution sections of your life

~ visualizing and scripting what your ideal life and your ideal day look like, feel like, smell like, etc.

By the completion of this part of the Clarity Lifestyle Design Program, you should have had the opportunity to explore and experiment with how your want your ideal, aligned life to look. You should be familiar with what to watch for if or when alignment issues appear and you should be familiar with how to correct situations that do reflect alignment issues.

By the completion of this part of the Clarity Lifestyle Design Program, you should also be ready to start exploring the tools and techniques that you can use to bring the life you designed to reality.

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Stage 3: The Clarity Alchemy Program

Clarity Alchemy Program

The six week Clarity Alchemy Program, is the final part of the three stage Clarity Lifestyle Transformation Process.

During these six one hour one-on-one coaching sessions, we will be exploring a number of tools and techniques that focus on bringing your ideal, aligned life that you designed in stage two of the Clarity Lifestyle Transformation Process to life and into your reality.  

Some of the tools and techniques we will be looking at during this six week program include:

~ connecting with and developing your Intuition;

~ learning how to use Tarot, and possibly even a pendulum, for daily guidance and to check to see if you are still on your right path;

~ exploring some powerful Law of Attraction, Conscious Creation tools and techniques to really amp up your ability to manifest your ideal, aligned life;

~ exploring how words have power and how simply changing our vocabulary and speed up most major life transformations;

~ if time allows, we might even take a look at other tools and techniques that you can use to manifest your ideal, aligned life.

By the completion of this final stage of the Clarity Lifestyle Transformation Process, you will have the tools and techniques to do some pretty powerful manifesting, and should be well on your way to creating the lifestyle, or the business you desire. 

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Working with Anne brought clarity to the question ‘Who Am I?’ Anne’s insight and comprehensive grasp of how our Values shape us gave me a totally new take on what I’m about, why I am here, how I can enjoy more cohesiveness in daily life. In one short hour, we identified some Core Values that were then put together to give me a very strong foundation on how to make my Soul sing. Truly gifted – I would recommend Anne to anyone who feels a bit lost with finding Purpose.

Annette P.

Clarity Coaching helps you tap into your dreams, recognize your authentic self, and design your ideal, soul-aligned life.

Clar­ity Coach­ing gives you tools, techniques, and support to help you remove blocks, decrease uncertainty, and get you on-track to your authentic, ideal life – quickly!!