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Start with the wisdom and magick of Tarot

Tarot Card as a Business Building Tool

Tarot has long been use either as a game of chance (which is what Tarot began as) or as a form of fortune telling. 

Recently, at least over the last few decades, the use of Tarot cards has expanded into a vast array of of new areas including writing, artistry, fashion, personal therapy, business creation and development, personal development and empowerment, to name a few.

As a tool for personal development and empowerment, Tarot continues to amaze me regarding both what it can be used for, and how accurate it can be

Tarot responds to our questions with answers that are based on our authentic self, on who we really are, and on our authentic desires, on what we truly want. 

Tarot’s answers might seem unrealistic at times, downright frustrating on a regular basis, but they are always insightful and transformative. 

Plus, Tarot is a great tool to use to help us develop our Intuition. 


Add some Intuition

Everyone has intuition – but only some of us have developed our intuition to the point where we are consciously and actively using our intuition everyday. 

One of the issues with intuition is that it can be challenging to know if what we are experience is intuition, or if it’s our fear, or our ego, or our imagination, or anything other than our intuition.

Fair enough!

Plus, when people speak about “Intuition”, there are actually two different types of “intuition” that they could be referring to! One is an internally sourced intuition. This is intuition that a person develops over the years, through gaining both experience and knowledge. This is the type of intuition that occurs when someone masters a skill (a doctor, a social scientist, a physicist, an accountant, an artist, a musician, a Tarot Reader….) to the point where they start becoming innovative. 

The second type of intuition comes from an external source. This type of intuition has nothing to do with your past experiences or your knowledge. In fact, this is that kind of intuition that there is no way you could have known that bit of information beforehand. This is the “predicting the future type of intuition”. That gentle nudge to turn left instead of right and avoiding a serious accident. Its the image you get indicating which stock is a good one to invest in or which one to avoid. It’s that image you get of your friend phoning you just before the phone rings and it’s them calling you for a chat.

In both cases, intuition is defined as knowing what you know without knowing how you know it. .  

And finish by adding some practical Manifesting Magick

Manifesting is the ability to “make real”. To bring your thoughts and dreams out of your imagination, and into your reality, through techniques and methods that are both magickal and mundane, and based firmly within the realms of both science and metaphysics.

Practical Magick and manifesting are two sides of the same coin. With both approaches, we are following the path of being conscious active participants in the co-creation of our reality –  we’re just using slightly different methods.

Manifesting Magick combines practical magickal techniques (food magic, candle magic, moon magic, narrative magic) with proven effective manifesting techniques to amp up the effectiveness of both.  


What you end up with is….

…… a powerful, conscious, active participant taking charge and co-creationing a life we adore. An authentic life that is build by us, for us.

If you were a powerful, conscious, active participant in the co-creation of your life, what would you create? 

      • a new job or career;                                              A Tuscany Farmhouse in San Quirico d'Orcia, Italy
      • an ideal business full of ideal clients;
      • more money;
      • a loving relationship;
      • good friends;
      • the perfect apartment or house;
      • the vacation of your dreams:
      • a successful online, location-independent business that supports your nomadic lifestyle;
      • the exact car you have always wanted;
      • your ideal weight and fitness level



If you or someone you know, is interested in:

      • learning more about Tarot, and how to access Tarot for guidance, advice, and personal development;
      • learning more about Intuition, and how it helps make decision making relatively easy;
      • becoming experienced in using Tarot to help you create your best life;
      • becoming experienced in using some very effective Intuition development tools and techniques;
      • using both Tarot and your Intuition to help you develop and fine tune your manifesting skills;
      • creating your best life!


Then my Wisdom + Magic Lifestyle Workshop is for you, and will be


Coming Soon!

Let your adventure begin!
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