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The Magickal Part of Magickal Manifesting

Magick, spelled with a ‘k’, is usually thought of in terms of heavy and complicated rituals, alters, Shamans, devils, Witchcraft, spellcasting (okay, I’ll admit that I do enjoy casting a good spell or two), and all the Hollywood hype surrounding the dark arts of the Occult.

Or we go in the complete opposite direction and think of Magick in terms of Harry Potter, or Disney where wands are waved, sparkles appeared floating in the air, and something was magickally transformed. Abracadabra! or “Zim zabberim zim” as Mad Madam Mim used to say.

For me, I’m a word girl, so I’m enchanted with Narrative Magick of all kinds, narrative Magick Journaling, Spells. Sigils, and I love sharing what these are and how you can tap into this Magick.

Have you ever baked or bought a cake for someone’s birthday, or anniversary, or holiday, or given someone a box of chocolates as a gift (that’s food magick), lit some candles on top of a birthday cake, or to celebrate the holidays, or to celebrate a great dinner(that’s candle magick)? Have you ever sung the Birthday Song, or wished the recipient a Happy……………, or sang Auld Lang Syne on New Year’s Eve (that’s spell casting)?

Have you ever wished upon a star, or asked the Man in the Moon to grant you a wish (that;s moon magic).

There are so many times throughout our lives that we practice practical magick without even noticing what you are doing. The magickal part of Magickal Manifesting is simply focusing a little bit more intently on this and similar types of magick, and combining it with with some of the more powerful techniques of Manifesting (Deliberate Creation) to amp up our abilities to be active conscious participants in the co-creation of our lives.

The Manifesting Part of Magickal Manifesting

The concept of manifesting has a bit of a hit recently, at least in some circles, because of it’s association withlet the adventure begin coaching sessions and packages the Law of Attraction, which is fair. There is a growing list of issues with some aspects of the original form that the Law of Attraction took, and some of the beliefs it shared.

Manifesting is, fortunately, so much more that anything Law of Attraction. Not only have various forms of manifesting been around for a lot longer than this version of the Law of Attraction has been popular, growing scientific evidence is showing that a number of manifesting techniques have been researched and found to be effective. So effective, in fact, that they are being used by Therapists and specialists of all kinds. It;s no secret that sports coaches teach visualization techniques to enhance the success of their athletes. Neuromarketing (the new state of the art marketing and advertising techniques) uses practices similar to Vision Boards. and Immersion. Psychologists and Psychotherapists us techniques that are basically the “Act As If” Deliberate Creation technique.

Magickal Manifesting combines practical magickal techniques (food magic, candle magic, moon magic, narrative magic) with proven effective manifesting techniques to amp up the effectiveness of both.  


When we combine our Intuition, with knowledge of ourselves, and with Magickal Manifesting techniques, that’s when we become powerful active conscious co-creators of our lives.

If you were a powerful active conscious co-creator of your life, what you you create. 

  • a new job or career;                                              A Tuscany Farmhouse in San Quirico d'Orcia, Italy
  • an ideal business full of ideal clients;
  • more money;
  • a loving relationship;
  • good friends;
  • the perfect apartment or house;
  • the vacation of your dreams:
  • a successful online, location-independent business that supports your nomadic lifestyle;
  • the exact car you have always wanted;
  • your ideal weight and fitness level;

If you or someone you know, is interested in:

  • learning more about the Magickal Manifesting Method, and how and why it works;
  • becoming experienced in using some very effective Magickal Manifesting tools and techniques;
  • connecting with and developing your Intuition so you can fine tune your manifesting skills;
  • knowing what your Core Values are, and how they can help you gain clarity and focus so you can align with your authentic self and amp up your manifesting skills;

Then my Wisdom + Magic Magickal Manifesting Workshop is for you, and will be

Coming Soon!