As a Solopreneur, there are any number of conventional tools that can be used to help build a business. There’s Time Management Tools, Calendar Management Tools, Content Creation Tools, Accounting Tools, Social Media Scheduling Tools, Marketing Tools, Networking Tools, Customer Relationship Tools, E-Commerce Tools…..

In fact, there are so many tools that a Solopreneur could spend a small fortune, and spend lot of their valuable time learning and using these tools.

I’ve used a number of conventional business building tools during my adventures as a Solopreneur. Some I’ve kept using. But most I’ve let go because they were too expensive, or too complicated, or didn’t really help, or were just too ‘big’ for a Solopreneur’s needs.

About a year ago, I started exploring how to use some rather unconventional tools to help me build my business, and soon discovered that the best tool I have ever used to help me build my Solopreneurial business my way, are my Tarot Cards.

So far, the ways I have used Tarot cards as a business-building tool include:
         1) Answering simple yes/no questions
         2) Providing guidance and advice, both daily and in specific situations
         3) Recommending timing options for launches and product releases
         4) Creating content, Ideal Client Profiles, and other writing tasks
         5) Helping my develop my Intuition
         6) Helping create business plans – annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, etc.
         7) Helping identify blocks and obstacles (including specific money blocks)
         8) Helping identify inspired actions
         9) Helping me focus and gain clarity
        10) Being an amazing business coach and strategist 

Granted, I’ve been reading Tarot cards for a few decades now, but even someone who is a novice at reading Tarot cards can still gain an immense benefit from exploring how to use Tarot to help build their business.

And, believe it or not, learning how to read Tarot cards at the level required to do most of the uses I listed above is easier than trying to learn and keep current with any number of conventional business building tools! At least for me it was.

Now, back to trying to figure out how to use the course management platform I just signed up for!!

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