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Increasingly people are turning to Tarot not just to have their fortunes told, but to provide themselves with clarity, direction, and confidence. They’re looking for something that will help them become and remain focused, directed, and motivated so they can achieve the goals and intentions they’ve set for themselves – despite the ever increasing political, social, and economic chaos that’s occurring these days.

Imagine being able to do powerful, illuminating Tarot readings for yourself, whenever you need them for clarity in your life, or in your business, or in your relationships….

Private Tarot Mentoring Sessions provide you with the opportunity to learn what you want to know, at your own pace, based on your personal agenda, so that you can effectively read Tarot cards for yourself.

What you get with these Private Mentoring Sessions is 60 minutes of focussed mentoring not just on reading and interpreting Tarot cards, but on using Tarot cards to help you manifest your dreams.  

Single Private Mentoring Sessions will help you:

  • understand what Tarot is
  • select your first Tarot deck 
  • identify and interpret the symbols found in Tarot cards 
  • introduce you to Tarot spreads, and how to read them
  • create some clarity and magic in your life.


A single private Tarot Mentoring Session won’t necessarily turn you into a top notch intuitive Tarot reader – but it will definitely provide you with enough information to get started. 


Let’s do this!!


One Hour of 1-on-1 Private Tarot for Personal Empowerment Mentoring Session for $100.00 

To schedule your 60 minute Private Tarot for Personal Empowerment Mentoring Session, simply click on the “Yes, please” button below pay for and schedule your session.

If you have any questions, you can email me at anne@annebolender.com



A Package of 4x 60 Minute Private Tarot for Personal Empowerment Mentoring Sessions for $350.00 

To schedule your Package of 4 x 60 Minute Private Tarot for Personal Empowerment Mentoring Sessions, simply click on the “Yes, please” button below.

If you have any questions, email me at anne@annebolender.com


I feel so much clarity now around my niche I am confident moving forward to the next level of sharing what I love with the people who would most benefit from it. This has been a struggle for me for so long, I'm amazed at how quickly I was able to cut to the chase, thanks to your insightful thought-provoking questions and suggestions. I should add, many other coaches have tried to help me with this issue, but you are the only one to help me truly identify the essence of what I do, without boxing myself in. I feel so liberated and so grateful for you! Thanks a million! Namaste

Alexandria B.



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