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Roughly once every two weeks I publish a newsletter that is full of information, tips and techniques on how you can connect with your passions, your personal core values, your intuition, your authentic self and your Inner Wisdom so you can create a life that is fully aligned with who you are meant to be. And, by the way, this stuff works!! Everything I write about here in this newsletter I use myself. Every tip, every technique, every resource I have used myself and experienced the results that I share with you. Topics and material covered in this newsletter ranges from Deliberate Creating the life of your dreams; using traditional Life Coaching techniques to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs; developing your intuition; using Tarot to connect with your Higher Self; what modern research says about creating reality, developing intuition, mindfulness and oneness, and a whole lot more!!

Personally, I like to know not only what to do to effect major change in my life, I also like to know the science behind why it works. Oh yeah, the newsletter will also include links to awesome resources and blog posts, as well as the occasional free digital gift and discount offer.

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