Wisdom and Magic


Single Session for Business



Combining a Coaching Session with a Tarot  

Reading to Help You Create What You Crave


The Wisdom and Magic Single Session consists of three separate parts that combine to provide you with one very powerful coaching experience.

The objective of the Wisdom and Magic Single Session is to help you quickly and efficiently uncover what is keeping you stuck, or where you are unaligned, or what limiting belief might be getting in your way, or what you should do next to keep you moving along your right path. Once you have identified what is holding you back through the Tarot reading, the one-on-one coaching session and the week of email coaching will provide you with concrete, actionable steps that you can start using right away. to get yourself heading in the right direction.

With the Wisdom and Magic Single Session you get:Owl - Wisdom

  • One 6 card Tarot Reading,
    • Tarot Reading will focus on the following questions:
      • Card 1 – What is the most important issue that I should be focusing on right now (business or lifestyle)
      • Card 2 – What is the most significant block that am I experiencing right now regarding this issue?
      • Card 3 – What action can I take to overcome or break through this block?
      • Card 4 – What advice do you have regarding this issue?
      • Card 5 – What am I not seeing about this issue? What is hidden?
      • Card 6 – What outcome can I expect?
  • One 45-minute one-on-one laser coaching session
    • Is focused on the results of the Tarot Reading. This coaching session will help you implement the Tarot answers into your daily life.
    • Provides concrete, actionable steps that you can begin take without delay.
    • Worksheets and homework will be provided to help you stay focused and continue moving forward,


  • Seven days of email coaching 
    • to answer any questions you have
    • to help keep you aligned with your goal
    • and focused on enhancing your success


Photo3-mainpageSometimes it doesn’t take a lot of coaching for you to accomplish your goal.

Sometimes all you need is something to help you uncover what the real issue that is keeping you stuck, and then someone to help you get unstuck so you can begin to move forward again.


This is exactly what the Wisdom and Magic Single Session is designed to do. 


The price for this Wisdom and Magic Single Session is only $200.00 (CDN).




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