Personal Core Values Program

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The Personal Core Values Program.

Your personal core values are a lot like your DNA. Where your DNA provides the code that creates your physical characteristics – the colour of your hair, the colour of your eyes, how tall you will be, etc, your personal core values provides the code that creates your personality, your consciousness. They are, in essence, your soul’s code!

What I have been learning over the last little while, is that your soul’s code, these core values, define the experiences you are here to have during this lifetime. They are the building blocks on which you can create a life of passion and unconditional love!

Once you know what your personal core values are and what they deeply mean to you, you can begin to align your life, your lifestyle, your career, your business to these characteristics. Aligning what you do with who you are to create your authentic life.

This program has been designed specifically to help anyone wanting to discover what their personal core values are and how they want their life to be aligned with their personal core values.

The Personal Core Values Program is a one month program with four, thirty minute, one-on-one coaching sessions, plus worksheets and homework. Coaching sessions are held weekly and will cover a variety of topics, including:

~ the Intuitive Method of discovering your personal core values;

~ several other methods for discovering your personal core values;

~ three methods that can help you tell if you are in alignment with your personal core values, and what to do if you discover you are not in alignment;

~ how to use your personal core values as the basis for designing your best life;

~ some tools and techniques that you can easily use right away to start creating your ideal life.

The price for this program is only $333.00!! 

To purchase and schedule your Personal Core Values Program, simply click on the button below!

Anne Bolender gets people. Anne gets deeply into the heart of the matter so sweetly and compassionately you hardly know she’s gotten there. Anne is a wise, wise women. She has a unique blend of life experience and coaching expertise. Anyone would benefit from working with Anne, especially seekers, and creatives.

Lisa M. H.

Clarity Alchemist
Clarity Alchemist
Certified GVCA Life Coach
Lifescaping Certified
Certified Automatic Intuition Professional

Clarity Coaching helps you tap into your dreams, recognize your authentic self, and design your ideal, soul-aligned life.

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