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Dare to Dream. Choose to Thrive.


Create What You Crave!

Wisdom + Magic is for everyone who yearns to be more adventurous, more self-reliant, more joyful. Everyone who desires to live a life of purpose and passion but isn’t quite sure where to start or what to do.

Wisdom + Magic is about change and transformation – big, life-altering transformations. You know the kind of transformations I’m referring to:

  • leaving the security of a high-paying job to become an entrepreneur or to become a full-time university student;
  • ending a long-term relationship because you and your partner no longer value the same things;
  • selling off everything you own so you can become a solo nomad and travel the world
  • becoming a full-time wildlife photographer, or environmental activist
  • becoming a full-time artist, writer, musician, dancer…
  • starting a non-profit organization to help animals or women or children thrive…. 

Wisdom + Magic is about alchemy, combining Tarot with Deliberate Creation Manifesting with Core Values (your soul’s code) to create a powerful depth of clarity, of self knowledge, of personal empowerment!

Imagine having the depth of clarity, the level of self understanding, and the self-confidence to step boldly into your ideal life, into your long-held dream. Imagine what your life would be like if that dream came true? If you were no longer dreaming it, or wishing it could be, but were actually living it?

Tarot + Core Values + Deliberate Creation  = Amazingly Awesome Manifesting

Welcome to Wisdom + Magic. Shall we begin?

Wisdom + Magic Programs are designed specifically for adventurous individuals who are interested in:

  • finding clarity  so they know what they want and why they want it;
  • identifying their core values;
  • finding ways to connect with and develop their intuition
  • learning how to live an independent, self-reliant life;
  • expand their abilities as deliberate creators;
  • learning some amazing tools and techniques that will help keep them aligned with their authentic path. 

If you are someone who:Indecision

  • is feeling frustrated, stressed and completely disillusioned with your current life;
  • is feeling like there is something more, something bigger, something far more exciting that life has to offer;
  • know that you want your life to contain passion and purpose, to mean something to you, and maybe even to others; but
  • you are completely unsure of how to make even the first successful step towards this new life;
  • is tired of trying to ‘fake it till you make it’ and just want to be authentically who they are,
  • if you are someone who is longing to create a Wildly Authentic Life, but need some support in achieving this goal,

…then a little Wisdom + Magic is what you are looking for.


Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings to help you gain deeper insight and clarity around your life or your business. These Readings can show you the type of information and guidance you can receive from reading Tarot for yourself!

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Core Values Workshop

Get clarity on what makes you “you”! Identify where your passions lie, what energizes you, what makes your soul happy – in your life, in where you life, in your business, and so much more. The Core Values Workshop not only helps you identify your essential self core values, but also introduces you to ways that you can begin implementing these values into your life immediately. 

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Wisdom and Magic

One-on-One sessions and programs combining Tarot with a bit of Conscious Creation/Manifesting Coaching and Mentoring

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