open book magicAffirmations and I Am statements don’t work, at least not for me and not on their own! And if they are not working for me, I imagine there are others who are finding that Affirmations and I Am… statements are not the power tools they had hoped they were!

I have tried working with Affirmations and I Am statements in every possible way that I can think of. Oh, at first chanting or stating these manifestation tools gave me feelings of determination, power, strength, but these feelings very quickly turned to boredom, indifference. I even added I Am statements to photos of myself and repeated them while staring into images of my own eyes. Didn’t work. Didn’t feel excited. I grew bored with this exercise as quickly as I had of all the rest.

The problem is, at least for me, that I Am statements, Affirmations, and anything that tries to take me out of my reality, feel like lies. And fundamentally, I cannot abide lies. I physically recoil from lies. I know, in my soul, that I am not yet who I am becoming and that is fine for me – as long as I continue to evolve into who I am becoming.

Plus, I like variety. Too much same old, same old, and I stop paying attention.

Now I know that for many people Affirmations and I Am statements work extremely well. And brain science does show that Affirmations and I Am statements do work and can be very effective. So if these tools work for you, then, by all means, have fun playing with them.

But if they don’t work for you, or at least aren’t working as well as you would have liked, I have a few tools that might just be the ticket to amping up your transformations in a more positive sustainable way.


1) Intentions

Setting Affirmations and I Am statements as Intentions can be more powerful than the original Affirmation or I Am statement. Try this….convert any I Am statement into an intention by adding “My intention is to be ……. ” whatever your I am statement is about. So, for example, “My intention is to be…..a brilliant coach in high demand.” or “My intention is to be……a million dollar author.” Write your intention down in an Intention Journal (any notebook will work for this), really focus on what your intention means to you, how you will feel when you have achieved it, what your life will be like, while you are writing your intention down.

This process on its own is pretty powerful – your brain starts focusing on how it’s going to accomplish this intention. But if you want to make this process even more effective, try adding some powerful focus questions to your intention.


2) Power Questions

Now that you have set a powerful intention, let’s say “My intention is to earn millions of dollars as an author” try adding some daily power questions to this intention to really amp up the manifesting powers. Power questions would be something like “What do I need to do today to accomplish…….?” If you were trying to select a topic to write a book on, then your daily power question would be something like “What do I need to do today to identify a powerful topic to write about?” then try to identify clues or hints at what your topic should be. These clues or hints  could be anything from random thoughts that pop into your mind at unexpected times, or being drawn to a specific author or book or movie. Once you have identified a topic or two, then ask a new question…”How do I….?”, “What can I…?”, “Where would…?”

These two steps, stating a powerful intention and asking a power question, will definitely take your manifesting skills to the next level, but there is more……


3) Hiring the Heavens

Angels and other heavenly helpers are at your command to help you create your best good life. I am sure that a lot of people think I am wee bit weird when I speak of angels and guides and other heavenly helpers, but the truth is, even if you don’t believe in this type of magic, you can pretend you do and will still feel positive results. Even pretending that the angels have your back and are looking out for you can have a big effect of how you feel about what you are doing or trying to accomplish. At the very least, pretending you have an angel or spirit guide with you gives you something to focus conversations on so you feel like you are speaking with someone else and not just yourself.

But if you do believe, even in the possibility of heavenly helpers simply asking for their help can bring some amazing results.


4) Tarot

Tarot is one of the most amazing tools for creating clarity that I have had the opportunity to use. You don’t need a lot of experience with the Tarot to achieve amazing results. Tarot can be used to help you help amp up self-empowerment, to help gain clarity and focus, to help clear away the chaos and confusion, to help you develop your intuition and tap into your inner wisdom. One of the amazing characteristics of Tarot is that the results that can be achieved by beginners who been using Tarot even for just a little while can be surprisingly powerful and eerily accurate.


5) Rituals

Rituals can create powerful, productive habits that help orient the mind so that it focusses on what is important and gains the clarity needed to move forward towards desired goals and objectives. Rituals help us focus our attention so our thoughts are less likely to wander or scatter. As an example, creating a morning ritual helps us start the day off in the way that sets the day up the way we want it. Or creating a pre-writing ritual sets our thoughts up in a way that helps us slip more easily and more clearly into the act of writing – many of the most successful, most prolific writers have personal rituals they perform before each writing session to help set themselves up for productive writing sessions. Athletes often have little rituals they perform before each game or competition.


6) Meditation – Wordlessness

So often these days our lives are overwhelmed with noise and chatter and sounds that it becomes difficult to hear ourselves think, harder still to focus or gain any sense of clarity. Wordlessness through meditation creates the space for us to sort out our thoughts and listen to our intuition. Wordlessness gives us the opportunity to  notice what is attractive our attention, what is bringing us joy, what to move towards, what to move away from.

For anyone who has difficulty getting into a meditative state, or for anyone who does not have the patience to meditate, there are some quick and easy techniques that can quickly get you into a meditative-like state – only without the potential boredom and frustration.


7) Mindfulness

Mindfulness, in conjunction with wordlessness amps up our access to clarity in ways that really need to be experienced to believe. Mindfulness focuses the mind on the present. So much worry and guilt and stress and anxiety happens because we focus too much on either the past (I should have said…. or done…. or thought…..or reacted….) or the future (If only….When I….As soon as I…..If only he/she would……). The present is the timeframe we have the most control over. The past, we can change that a little bit but the changes are made in the present moment, in the time of right here, right now. The future hasn’t happened yet so it can be anything we want it to be. Being mindful grounds us in the right here, right now so the choices we make, the clarity we gain is on what is important to us right here, right now, what is bringing us joy, or love, or peace, or freedom.