What would our live’s be like if, instead of resisting the unexpected nudges, dreams, and desires we experience, we learned how to follow them instead?

I had an experience recently, that reminded me of how much I’ve lost over the years because of my resistance to an experience, or an idea, or an adventure that was presenting it self to me. Not something I had to go out and search for, but something that was right in front of me. All I had to do was say “Yes!”. Instead I pulled back, hesitated, until the experience disappeared. What I was left with was a feeling of regret. Regret that I had allowed myself to remain small, to stay deeply entrenched in my ever shrinking comfort zone, and to say “No” when I really wanted to say “Yes!”.

Fortunately for me, this recent experience opened my eyes to my resistance and the price I was paying for living in my resistance, in time for me to stop myself from turning away.

So I said “Yes!”.

And it felt surprisingly good!

My new approach to these unexpected experiences that have a strong pull to them, is that they are winks from the Universe, telling me that this is a good direction for me to follow!

What is your resistance holding you back from?

What experiences, what winks from the Universe, is your resistance preventing you from enjoying?

Are you resisting your call to manifest your best good life? 




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