written by Anne Bolender

Creativity involves more than putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) or words to a tune or paint on paper.

Creativity is all about putting separate, unrelated ideas together to create something new – a new song, a new novel, a new photograph, a new business, a new marketing idea….

Far too often, entrepreneurs dismiss creativity as an extra or luxury. After all, when you are busy trying to develop new products, dealing with clients, doing the bookkeeping, who has time to play? But “play” and “fun” may be the most important tools of the trade that keep your business growing and glowing.

For traditional ‘creatives’, the thought of putting your creativity to good use as a business person may not be the most exciting thought you could possibly have. Or could it.

This blog is focused on helping creatives put creativity into their entrepreneurial skills, and for entrepreneurs to put creativity into their business.