Driftwood at Pinery Provincial Nark, Ontario Canada

Have you ever walked along a beach after a storm and noticed how littered the beach was with sticks and bits of debris – driftwood.

The average person would likely walk past this debris, ignoring it, or silently thinking about how untidy the beach looks.

A creative person might actually stop to look more closely at the individual pieces, to explore the shape or how smooth the water had made the surface. Exploring the beauty and the value that each unique piece of driftwood holds.

The term ‘driftwood’ is one that is also used by conscious creators.

When conscious creators talk about driftwood, they’re referring to the bits and pieces of the changes we are making in our lives that are beginning to show up. Small but valuable signs that success is beginning to happen.

Driftwood could be something as simple as people smiling and being more friendly around you, or a book that you discover that is exactly the book you needed to read at that point in your life, or an invitation to an event that is perfect for networking, or the cancellation of an event right when you need those extra hours to meet a deadline. Driftwood could be receiving coupons or notices of discounts on items that you need to buy.

Driftwood can be so subtle that sometimes, actually often, the signs can be easily missed.

Those coupons or discounts really are additional money – driftwood for anyone trying to improve their income or trying to manifest a little extra cash.

That invitation or that book that unexpectedly comes your way – driftwood for anyone wanting to make a change in their life. That invitation or that book could hold a vital piece of information that could be a significant part of making a successful change.

The problem with driftwood is that it is often overlooked, not recognized for the beauty and the value it holds.

We are so busy looking for the big extravaganza – the big lottery win, the out-of-the-blue-offer-of-the-perfect-job, our perfect soulmate unexpectedly ringing our doorbell – that we overlook the small signs that show us that change is, indeed, happening.

Noticing driftwood requires us to be aware of and mindful of what is happening in the moment, and not worried about what the future holds (how will I ever be able to afford that thing I so desperately want) or overwhelmed by thoughts that keep us anchored in our past  (I’ve never been able to lose weight and keep it off before. What makes me think I can do it now!).

Noticing driftwood also requires us to be able to appreciate the small things in our life, to express gratitude for even the nanoscale, minute by minute routines of everyday life. This is where the magic lies. In the minuscule, nanoscale, quantum bits and pieces of our lives. In the single tiny moments that string together to become our days, our weeks, our years. And in the driftwood that seems to appear from nowhere but signals that better things are coming.

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