Tarot for SolopreneursUsing Tarot as a personal transformation or life coach is becoming an increasingly popular way of enjoying Tarot. But did you know that using Tarot as your business coach, particularly for Solopreneurs, is another amazing way that we can use Tarot to improve our lives.

I’m a long-time fan of using Tarot for daily guidance in my personal life – for personal growth and empowerment. I’ve used Tarot off and on for the past couple of decades to help me gain clarity on large and small lifestyle transformations, as well as to help me sort out what I should be focusing on during the day.

My Tarot ritual generally involves either pulling a card in the morning to set myself up for the day ahead, or doing either a general or a specific 5 card spread, especially if I’m struggling with a specific issue that I want some extra, unbiased help with. And I admit that I’m still often amazed at how relevant, supportive, and spot-on-accurate the information I receive from these readings is.

But for some reason, it’s only been recently that I’ve started looking how I could use Tarot on a more daily basis to help me develop and grow my online business!

Oh, I’ve used specific spreads and done specific focused readings when issues I’ve been dealing with become overwhelming. And always, the information and guidance I’ve received has provided me with a new perspective and guidance that helps me get myself sorted out. But I never really thought about how else Tarot could help me, and other online entrepreneurs, develop online businesses – until now.

Below are eight ways that I’ve started using Tarot as my personal on-call Business Coach to help me create and build my online business.

I’ve used Tarot in my business to:

    1. Tell the story of my ideal client – what their basic characteristics are, what challenges or obstacles they’re facing, what actions they could take, what outcomes they’re looking for.
    2. Make decisions by looking at possible outcomes for each option – what outcome can I expect if I decide to do this project, or create this e-book, or create this course, or take on this client
    3. Gain clarity around situations where I’m confused or not completely convinced it’s the right thing to do – what is it that I’m really looking for here
    4. Keep my business projects coherent and in alignment – is this project in alignment with what I’ve already created, with what I’m trying to create, with what my clients want, with what I enjoy doingGet and maintain my focus – knowing what the big picture is of what I’m trying to achieve, what’s my next step?
    5. Develop and improve my business intuition – Tarot helps me verify if it’s my intuition nudging me towards or away from something, or if it’s my ego or fear instead.
    6. Help me put my feelings and desires into words – sometimes I get a feeling or a desire around something, and I have difficulty putting it into words. Tarot becomes an interpreter between my abstract feelings and desires, and a more concrete expression through words.
    7. Help me determine when to schedule something. Sometimes, simply waiting a month or two to release a project can make a huge difference in the success of that project.

How could you see yourself using Tarot in your business?

What challenges or decisions are you faced with right now, that could be helped with a bit of guidance or advice from Tarot?