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Imagine being able to do powerful, highly accurate, and very illuminating Tarot readings for yourself, whenever you need them for clarity in your life, or in your business, or in your relationships….

Increasingly, people are turning to Tarot not just to have their fortunes told, but to provide themselves with clarity, direction, and confidence. They’re looking for something that will help them become and remain focused, directed, and motivated so they can achieve the goals and intentions they’ve set for themselves – despite the ever increasing political, social, and economic chaos that’s occurring these days. 

Now, we all know about Tarot as a form of fortune-telling, as a way to get answers to questions like:

…….. ~ Am I going to meet the man/woman of my dreams?

…….. ~ Will he/she come back to me?

…….. ~ Will I sell my house?

…….. ~ When will I get a promotion?

…….. ~ Will I get married/have kids?

Did you know that Tarot is also brilliant for general day-to-day guidance and advice. For answeringtarot deck questions like:

…….. ~ What do I need to do today to show up fully as me?

…….. ~ What should I be aware of that I’m not seeing today?

           ~ What’s blocking me, preventing me from moving forward with this project or manifestation?

          ~ How can I become successful with this project or manifestation?

These are the types of questions that can help keep us on track and moving forward with our lives in ways that help us create the life we crave. But going to a Tarot reader on a daily basis just isn’t practical, 

Tarot Wisdom, learning how to read and apply Tarot for yourself, in your life, your business, your relationships is an effective path to personal growth, development, and empowerment. 

The Tarot Wisdom Course provides you with the information, the support, and the opportunity for you to learn how to read Tarot Cards for yourself in a way that goes far beyond simply being able to identify keywords and phrases for each card.

The Tarot Wisdom Course will be open for enrolment soon. If you would like to receive the occasional update on this course, and other news from Wisdom + Magic, you can sign up to receive the Wisdom + Magick Newsletter here: The Wisdom + Magick Newsletter  

The Tarot Wisdom Course contains the following modules: 


The Fool's Journey

Travel with the Fool as they make their way through all of the Major Arcana cards, learning the lessons that each card has to teach.


The Court Cards

Learn about life at Court. How the people, the personalities, the energies of the Court Cards help us learn more about ourselves. about the people around us, and about what we need to learn to help us move forward with our life, with specific projects, etc.


Day to Day Challenges

Discover how the Minor Arcana cards help us explore the the challenges and triumphs of everyday living. The Minor Arcana cards take us along the paths that each of the four suits, the four elements, open up for us. 



Signs and Symbols

Unlock the wisdom of Tarot by learning how to read and combine the stories that each card tells, using the language of Tarot. And like all languages, the language of Tarot is made up of the signs and the symbols that are used to create the shared meanings of the cards.   


Personal Development

Tarot provides us with the opportunity and the means, to develop certain skills and abilities that can help us live a magickal, enchanted life. Some of these skills include developing our intuition, being able to compare options and outcomes, gaining clarity around who we are so we can make more relevant decisions and maintain focus & motivation, etc


There are two ways that you get to play with Tarot here at Wisdom + Magick:

tarot readings

The first way is through requesting a Tarot Reading from me. There are a number of focused Tarot spreads available that you can request for a reading, ranging from a General Spread, where you determine the focus, to specialized spreads, like Connecting with Your Spirit Guide, or a Money Manifesting spread.

There’s even a special Featured Tarot Spread, that is based on your birthday, and identifies where you are in your life’s journey.

You can find a selection of Tarot Readings that you can choose from by clicking on the button below: 

The second way to explore Tarot here is to learn how to read the cards for yourself.

The Tarot Wisdom course is a six month course that covers:

….. ~ Tarot Basics – keywords, symbols, meanings, etc

….. ~ Tarot Magick, 

….. ~ Tarot and Manifesting

The Tarot Wisdom course begins on August 1st.

You can find more information on the Tarot Wisdom course by clicking on this button

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