The Magician from the Art Nouveau Tarot Deck

The Magician from the Art Nouveau Tarot Deck

On their own, Law of Attraction/Deliberate Creation tools, like scripting, or acting as if, or amping it up, can be pretty powerful tools that help people create their soul-aligned life – the life you are destined to live. And for some deliberate creators, manifesting their heart’s desire is relatively easy – a downstream effort of ease and flow.

However, for me,  even still, Law of Attraction tools are not always a downstream effort of ease and flow. Rather they often tend to be more like trying to paddle a tipsy canoe through a whirlpool, in gale force winds – ok, maybe not so bad, but the ease and flow does not always happen!

And, not surprisingly, these tools and techniques are particularly sticky when I try to manifest things that are important to me. The exact ‘things’ that I am not supposed to hold an attachment to, but I know that I end up holding a deep attachment to because they are so important to me!! So no matter how hard I try or how hard I try not to try, deliberately creating the big stuff is not always easy or successful..

At some point, not so long ago, I finally figured out why my attempts at deliberate creation have been so sticky. I discovered that there are two huge reasons that explained why I have such difficulty manifesting the big, important stuff.

First up, I had a limiting belief that I could not visualize. The thing is that visualizing what you are trying to manifest is a powerful way to amp up the process. I seriously believed with all of my being, and I told myself over and over again, that I was not a good visualizer – so guess what I was able to manifest?? Yep, the ability not to visualize!! The truth is, however, that everyone can visualize, and visualize deeply, powerfully, emotionally. For me, the more into Tarot I go, the more I use Tarot as a manifesting tool, the stronger my ability to visualize becomes. Not bad, huh!!

Secondly, every time, every single time, I used Law of Attraction techniques to deliberately create the big, important stuff, there was a hint of disbelief and uncertainty sitting right there, in the back of my mind, undermining all of my manifesting efforts. The “What if this isn’t what I am supposed to be manifesting?”, “What if this thing I am trying to manifest is not soul-aligned?”,  Or the worst one ever..”What if I get it wrong and it I don’t like it and I’m too old to change and try for something else?!?!?!?”  doubts would be there. And the older I got, the louder these doubts got, because, after all, I was getting older so my options were getting smaller (yeah, another soul crushing limiting belief that used to mess with me!!)

The work I had been doing on Core Values had taught me that if you are going to manifest something big and it is not aligned with your core values or your soul, you could simply be swapping something not right in your life for something not right in your life – one frustration for a different frustration! To be truly soul-aligned you need to know what you soul is longing for! What makes you, as an individual here on earth attempting to create a life of joy and peace and other high vibration feelings, what makes you soul-aligned?? What connects with your deep, core, values??

The more I struggled with this, the more I looked for solutions that would help me reduce the guess work regarding what my soul-aligned life looked/felt/vibrated like so I could focus deeper with my manifesting. And that is when I stumbled across Tarot, and intuition, and inner wisdom, and higher self. Or should I say, that is when Tarot crossed my path and I discovered (much to my joy) that there is a way to reduce the uncertainty and doubt, to relax and focus knowing that what I am manifesting is right for me, right here, right now.

What I have learned about Tarot is that, not only is it an Oracle, it is also (and perhaps more importantly) a gateway to your intuition, your inner wisdom, your higher self. Tarot is a language of symbols and metaphors and archetypes that speaks directly with your right-brain, your intuition, your inner wisdom, bypassing your critical, logical, analytical left-brain. When I use Tarot, my ability visualize and focus is incredible – I find that I am engaging multiple senses to clearly visualize what I am trying to manifest. And I come away from these sessions feeling both energized and confident with what I am creating. So limiting-belief about my ability to visualize – going, going…..gone!!

On its own, Tarot is a powerful tool that can help us connect with and develop our intuition, which can have numerous positive impacts on our daily life.

But when Tarot is combined with Law of Attraction/Deliberate Creation tools and techniques, the outcome is magical!!

Tarot can be used is so many different ways to amp up manifesting techniques – from simple one, two, or three card spreads answering questions like “What is the outcome likely to be if I continue on a specific path?” or “What is my soul longing for?” (Which, by the way, is one very powerful question!!) to Tarot Spells, Tarot Vision Boards, Tarot Scripting, Amp it Up, Act As If- basically any and every LOA technique that requires focus, belief and visualization can be significantly amped up and made more powerful with Tarot.

Give it a try – here’s an awesome Tarot Card Reading technique that can also help you learn the Tarot Cards, and it is a simple one card spread:

Select a card from a deck of Tarot cards that has a lot of the traditional Tarot visual imagery in the cards – the Ryder-Waite decks are great for this, the Aquarian Tarot deck is fine for this, the Tarot Illuminati Deck is also great for this Reading.

For this example, I have used the The Alchemist-smMagician/Alchemist Card from the Tarot Illuminati Deck.

To begin, drop in to wordlessness by relaxing and calming the chatter in your mind. Listen to calming, relaxing music if that helps you calm the chatter, or try relaxing your jaw and your tongue. Close your eyes and relax. Ask the card what message the card has for you, what is it wanting you to know right now.

When you open your eyes, quickly identify three symbols/signs/images on the card – one symbol in the foreground, one symbol mid-ground and one symbol in the background.

These three ‘layers’ could mean timeframes – the foreground being things that are pressing or need immediate attention, or that you are currently working on; mid-ground could mean things that are coming up or will be part of your life soon; and things in the background could mean things that are still out there in the foreseeable future, you are not really concerned about them but you know that at some point you will need to be.

Or the three ‘layers’ could represent increasing depths of meaning, with the foreground representing the obvious, dictionary meaning of the symbol, the way everyone would define or think about what you are focusing on; the midground could indicate meanings that are relevant to you based on your experiences, your learned knowledge, so not everyone would share these meanings; and the background symbol could indicate a meaning that is coming from your deep wisdom – your intuition, your higher self. You get to decide what you want the three ‘layers’ to mean, based on the question you asked.

For me, the symbols on the Magician card that drew my attention were the circle at the bottom of the card as the foreground symbol, the stars around the pentacle as the midground symbol and what looks like the moon in the night sky floating over the Alchemist’s left shoulder as the background symbol.

To read this card you would,

  • ask a question;
  • determined what “foreground, midground and background” were going to represent (timeframes; depth of meaning, etc) based on the question;
  • give meaning to the symbols that your eyes are drawn to: what do the symbols mean to you and to what is happening in your life right now, in relation to the question you asked. For example, I would ask myself what in my life right now would the circle represent? How is the circle relevant to what I was asking the card about? What does the circle mean to me, in my life right now, as it relates to the question I asked?

For me, the circle looks like a three legged table which has all kinds of relevant Tarot, Alchemical, Numerological meanings. The stars remind me of an Astrological sign, so what is the sign and how is it relevant to my question.  And the moon is loaded with all kinds of symbolism and meaning, Tarot, Alchemical, Astrological, not to mention personal meanings, so what meaning am I drawn to.

By looking at these symbols, asking a question or focusing on something I am trying to manifest, I can create a story that answers my question, or address my issue, in a way that is deeply personal, deeply intuitive.

I can then use that information to script from, to create a vision board from, to focus any appropriate LOA technique around, comfortably knowing that these thoughts are coming from my intuition, from who I am.

As Lao Tsu said “At the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

For me, the incredible power and versatility of Tarot is that it connects me with my centre so I can find my answers to who I am and what I want. When you combine the power of Tarot with the power of the Law of Attraction – talk about your amped up manifesting!!!