Imagine having your personal tutor, someone who can guide you and support you by offering you constructive but gentle feedback as you make your way through the journey that is learning how to read Tarot cards for clarity and personal empowerment for your life and your business. 

This One Month Personalized Tarot Mentoring Package provides you with support, techniques, and guidance, so you can comfortably explore how to read, interpret, and implement Tarot, and gain the confidence you need to effectively read Tarot Cards for yourself.

The One Month Tarot Mentoring Package includes:

1) Four weeks of one-on-one personalized attention, assistance, and guidance that is focused on you and what you are accomplishing.

2) Three 45-minute Mentoring Sessions. The focus of these sessions are determined by you, based on how much you already know about reading Tarot cards, and how deeply you want to go with specific aspects of Tarot (do you want to know more about the Major Arcana, or maybe it’s the Court Cards that need more clarity). Together we can explore any blocks or obstacles you might be bumping up against, and how to overcome these issues so you can continue to move forward. By the end of the month, you will have the ability to read simple, but meaningful Tarot Spreads.

3) 30 Days of unlimited email or Voxer coaching. You can email me anytime during my office hours (9am until 5pm Eastern Time Zone) for additional support and accountability, or when you just need to run your interpretation of a reading past someone, just to make sure you read the card correctly. You don’t need to ‘save up’ your questions or spend time feeling stuck between calls. My advice, my support, my mentoring, and my coaching is just a text or an email away.

4) A Digital Copy of The Foundations of Tarot for Personal Empowerment. This Tarot book contains information and worksheets will help you identify and focus on what you need to know in order to read, interpret, and implement  basic, but powerful Tarot readings for yourself, 


If you have any questions about this One Month Personalized Tarot Mentoring Package, or would like more information or clarity on what is involved with this package, please feel to email me at: 

The One Month of Personalized Tarot Mentoring


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