Tarot Readings


Wisdom + Magic Tarot Card Readings can provide:

  • an amazing depth of insight and clarity that is focused specifically on the issue you identified;
  • soul deep answers to questions you are struggling to find answers to. Transformational Tarot Readings can explore obstacles that stand in the way of your progress through life and help you identify actions that you can take to help you break through these obstacles;
  • special, unique, one-of-a-kind guidance – guidance that is focused specifically on you and not on someone’s interpretation of what they think you mean, or what they think you need;
  • insightful and meaningful information on what might be challenging you, or blocking you, preventing you from making the changes and transformations you are trying to make;
  • clarity and focus so you can identify what your next step is going to be;
  • help keep you aligned with your new life path;
  • and so much more…….


Here’s What To Expect from Your Wisdom + Magic Tarot Card Reading:

Each Reading involves a 6-card Tarot Reading, plus Actions Steps you can take to help you implement the information identified in the Reading, plus Life Coaching Techniques to help you successfully complete the change or transformation you desire. 

Once I have received your request for a reading and your payment, I will send you an email that outlines the process, and provides a request for the information I need from you in order to complete the Tarot Reading that you have requested.

As soon as I receive your information and the question or issue that you would like the Tarot to explore, that’s when I get to work my magic by:

  • completing the Tarot Card Reading for the question or issue that you have identified;
  • writing up a 2-3 page report on what the Tarot has to say regarding your question or issue; 
  • emailing the Report to you as a .pdf file within 72 hours of receipt of your payment.

If you have any questions regarding the content of your Tarot Card Reading, or on Tarot Readings in general, feel free to email me at anne@annebolender.com. I am happy to respond to your emails.


Wisdom + Magic Tarot helps you did deep and find very personal answers to your questions.

Clarity Tarot Reading
  • what do I really want? What is my true desire?
  • what challenges do I face trying to build my new life?
  • how do I create a life that I really love?
  • what can I do to increase my physical health and wellbeing?
  • what is blocking my ability to achieve my desires?
  • Help!! I need to change what I am doing with my life but don’t know what to do or where to start!
  • Tarot..what advice or guidance do you have for me?
Clarity Tarot Reading

OH. MY. GOSH. Anne. You. Are. Amazing.

May I give you a HUGE HUG?

Thank you thank you thank you.

Erin T.

 Tarot Readings

All Tarot Readings Are By Email


Included in each Tarot Reading is:

    • An image of the Tarot Reading as it is laid out,
    • images of each individual card
    • summaries of each individual card, as the card relates to your question
    • an overall summary of the Tarot Reading, as it relates to the question you asked.


Over the years that I have been reading Tarot Cards, I have found that Email Tarot Readings:

    • are just as effective and accurate as face-to-face readings
    • provides the client with images of the Tarot  cards and the overall Reading, so they can explore the cards themselves
    • provides the client with a printout of the interpretation of each individual card so they can refer to specific bits of information quickly and easily
    • are more focused on the question asked and far less likely to wander off track, losing sight of the reason for the original question
    • are far less expensive than face-to-face readings. I can spend more time focused on the cards, more time exploring and interpreting the cards, than I can when I am interacting face-to-face with a client. The information I can provide you in an Email Tarot Reading is far more than I could be able to provide in a one-hour face-to-face session, at less than half the price for a face-to-face question
    • questions are always answered, and follow up clarity is always provided with an Email Tarot Reading.



Featured Tarot Reading 


Your Year Card Tarot ReadingThe Empress from Tarot Illuminati

Your Year Card Tarot Reading is based on your birthday, and identifies where you are in your life’s journey. Is this a good year for you to develop your inner strengths  (A Strength Card Year), or do you need time alone to focus on self-development and self-empowerment (A Hermit Card year)?

Year Cards are very similar to a yearly horoscope, only instead of being based on a calendar year (from January through until December) your Year Card is based on your birthday, and helps you build on lessons you experienced last year so you can more readily and easily move forward into next year.

These are fabulous readings for anyone going through, or thinking about going through, major transformations in their life!

Your Year Card Tarot Reading includes:

  • an image and summary of your Year Card, based on your date of birth,
  • a past/present/future triad reading based on your birth card,
  • an issue/challenge/potential result triad reading based on your birth card,
  • a look ahead at what your next year’s card has in store for you.

All Tarot readings are by email. With each reading you receive a pdf containing:

  • colour images of each card, 
  • summaries of each card shown in the reading,
  • summaries of each triad reading,
  • an overview of what is potentially in store for your next year, basically a glimpse at where you are heading,
  • an overall summary of the reading.

Each Your Year Card Tarot Reading also includes one week (7 days) of email follow-up where you can ask questions and ask for clarity around the cards and the triads.

Your Year Card Tarot Reading $95 


I want to give a shout out to Anne Bolender for the incredible Tarot reading I received from her a little bit ago. I am completely blown away by the insight & intuition in this reading. I highly recommend a reading from Anne to anyone looking for insight.

Deborah A.


Other Wisdom and Magic Tarot Readings:

general tarot reading

General Tarot Reading – $60.00 

With a General Tarot  Reading, you provide the question that you would like the cards to answer. 

clarity tarot reading

Clarity Tarot Reading – $60.00

A Clarity Tarot Reading provides you with a deep understanding about a specific question or issue that concerns you. 

Manifestations Tarot Reading

Manifesting Tarot Reading – $60.00 

Your Manifestations Tarot Reading, is for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of what they’re trying to manifest, and how to make the manifesting process more effective. 

Money Manifesting Tarot Reading

Money Manifesting Tarot Reading – $60.00 

Money Manifesting Tarot Reading is a powerful way to gain clarity on your current financial situation, and what actions will help improve it.

moving career forward tarot reading

Moving My Career Forward Tarot Reading – $60.00 

Moving My Career Forward Tarot  Reading, is a 6 card spread focusing on helping you build your career.

business planning tarot reading

Business Planning Tarot Reading – $60.00

Business Planning  Tarot Reading is a 7-card reading that provides clarity around what type of business to create, and how to develop the business over the next 3 – 4 months.

connecting with spirit guide tarot reading

Connecting With a Spirit Guide Tarot Reading – $60.00 

Connecting With A Spirit Guide Tarot Reading, is for anyone who is looking to connect with one of their Spirit Guides and ask their Guide a question.. 

Life's purpose tarot reading

What Is My Life’s Purpose Tarot Reading – $60.00 

What Is My Life’s Purpose Tarot Reading focuses on helping you uncover your Life’s Purpose.

Anne’s readings are AWESOME! Recommended, and 4 paws up!

Annette P.