The Alignment Trinity

Being in alignment is a powerful manifestors technique and the Alignment tool can help conscious creators be aware of whether they have achieved alignment, or not.

Sometimes, both beginner and experienced conscious creators struggle to successfully manifest their desires. Regardless of how much effort they put into feeling the correct feelings, or thinking the correct thoughts, or releasing all attachment to the outcome, nothing works. Zip! Nada! Not a thing they are trying to manifest comes into their life. Or at least so it seems.

I almost gave up on the Law of Attraction, on ever becoming a successful conscious creator or powerful manifestor. When I first started practicing the Law of Attraction, there were months and months when nothing I tried to manifest came my way. However, a lot of things I didn’t want did end up coming my way, sometimes very unexpectedly. As a newby to this powerful way of life, I hadn’t realised that I could manifest the negative experiences I was having just as easily as I could manifest the positive experiences I was longing for.

It wasn’t until recently that the concept of the Alignment Trinity came to me.

There are three equally important parts to conscious creation. When we consciously create we need to be aware of:

  1. what our true feelings are regarding what we are trying to manifest;
  2. what we truly believe about what we are trying to manifest; and
  3. what our thoughts are regarding what we are trying to manifest.

Where a lot of conscious creators experience difficulties in manifesting is in getting these three parts of conscious creation into alignment – the three parts need to resonate in harmony in order for the manifesting effort to be successful. The more powerfully they are resonating, the more powerful the manifesting!!

What this means is that our feelings need to be what we want them to be once the thing we are manifesting has been created. In some cases this feeling might be joy or happiness, but in other cases this feeling might be comfort, security, excitement, adventure, unconditional love, generosity, gratitude….whatever the feel we expect to be enjoying once we have been successful with our manifesting. For example, if we are trying to manifest money, how will having that additional money make we feel once we have it, not how we are feeling right now when we don’t have that additional money and we are trying to manifest more money. So no focusing on feelings of fear, or uncertainty, or need, or lack because they will attract more experiences into our life that will provide us with exactly those feelings!

We also need to believe that we are not only capable of attracting money into our life, but that we are worthy of having that money in our life. Too often our beliefs get caught up in believing we are somehow unworthy of abundance and wealth, or that we are incapable of attracting abundance or wealth into our lives. We may not even be consciously aware of this belief and how it is affecting our ability to manifest money. A simple affirmation like “I am worthy of abundance and wealth.” or any other “I am worthy of……” statement said or thought or written several times a day can help us create a positive belief system.

And then there are our thoughts. That subtle but oh so powerful self-talk that runs a steady commentary through our minds all day every day. Monitoring our thoughts can be a very enlightening experience, unfortunately, it can also be a very time consuming experience! Catching and changing negative self talk can be rather challenging. While our attention is on the self-talk, we can easily monitor that self-talk and change negative thoughts to more positive ones. But the moment our attention is distracted and we start monitoring other things, our self-talk can (and often does) go back to the type of self-talk it is most comfortable with. A powerful exercise to help direct our thoughts to the ones we want is to consciously think the thoughts we want. What I have done is to set a timer on my smartphone to sound every half hour so I can consciously think the positive thoughts that I want swimming around inside of my mind. If I am trying to manifest money, then my positive thoughts are supportive of the belief and the feelings that I am also creating about money. This might not completely prevent the negative self-talk and negative thoughts from creeping in, but at least I am comfortable knowing that a lot of my thoughts are resonating with my beliefs and my feelings around what I am trying to manifest.