Unconditional Self-Love

Everyone has heard of unconditional love – affection without any limitations, love without any conditions. It’s the kind of love we look for in soulmates. It’s the kind of love we receive from our pets.

But is it the kind of love we have for ourselves?

I was reading Jeannette Maw’s e-book The Art of Self-Love the other day (if you haven’t read this e-book yet, you really should 🙂 ) and my attention and curiosity were caught by the following two quotes:

“It’s a requirement to love yourself before the good things you want can come into your life.” and

“Self-Love is how you create the vibrational alignment that is required in order to get what you want….If you’re holding out the goods on yourself, the Universe will follow suit. In fact it has to follow suit – because you set the tone as creator of your life.”

So what is unconditional self-love?

For me, unconditional self-love begins by accepting myself as I am right now, (wrinkles, grey hair, extra weight, sometimes grumpy moods, and all) without judgement and without feeling the need to change a single thing!! Then once I can do that, to celebrate me, as I am right now in this moment, by doing things I love to do. Spoiling myself with flowers just because I love them, or by going on small adventures because adventures are a big part of what my soul loves.

Unconditional self-love is as simple as changing my vocabulary to add lots of positive words so I can use them instead of negative words, particularly when I am speaking or thinking about myself. It’s changing how I express myself from phrasing things negatively to phrasing things positively – i don’t need to earn more money, I am enjoying an expanding abundance right now!!

Unconditional self-love is limitless and boundary free. It doesn’t come with pre-set limits or pre-determined activities. Unconditional self-love can be anything I want it to be in the moment – feeling the abundance of indulging in a pound of the world’s best chocolate, Leonidas’ Manon White Chocolates, oh yummmmmm! And as much as I want to have in the moment – believing that I am so worthy of amazing success as I define it.

In order for Law of Attraction to be it’s most effective what we think, what we believe, and how we feel need to be in alignment.  When I think of myself in terms of unconditional self-love, when I believe I am worthy of unconditional self-love, and when I feel the feelings of loving myself unconditionally, I open myself up to the full expanse and potential that the Universe has to offer.

I am complete and whole and perfect just as I am.

I am infinite.

I am worthy of manifesting my heart’s desires.