Using Tarot Two Ways – as a Predictive Oracle, and for Magick/Manifesting

There are any number of ways that Tarot can be used to provide guidance and support during any end-of-year strategic planning and intention setting, but my two favourite ways are to use Tarot either to ‘predict’ what my outcome for the end of next year is predicted to look like, or to use Tarot Magick to determine what I want the outcome for next year to be, then use predictive Tarot to help me achieve that outcome.

Using Tarot as a Predictive Oracle

predictive tarot- card backWhen we think of Tarot readings, we mostly think of Tarot as a predictive Oracle. We shuffle the cards and then we pull cards with their faces down and away from us. This way, we can’t see what the cards are that we’re drawing, nor can we influence them in any way. We leave the selection of the cards that show us our expected outcome for the new year completely up to Tarot and to fate. This can be fun and very informative, particularly if we like the direction we’re headed in.

So, with predictive Tarot, we’re basically asking Tarot to show us where we’re headed, particularly if we keep going in the direction we are currently heading.


Using Tarot for Magick and Manifesting

We humans aren’t necessarily creatures of fate. As magicians and as manifestors, we are active, conscious participants in the co-creation oftarot for manifesting - card front our life.

And as active conscious participants, we have the ability to control a fair amount of our destiny. Particularly if where we are currently headed with our life is not where we want to go.

We can choose what outcome we want, or what transformation we want our life to go through over the next 12 months.

For this, we can use Tarot cards as a form of Magick – guidance and advice specific to what we want in order to help us achieve the goal or intention we set.

To use Tarot for Magick you would:

    1. Identify which Tarot card best reflects the outcome you wanted for the new year. For example, if you want to have more fun, more luck, or more control in your life, then select the Wheel of Fortune card. If you want more adventure in your life, select the 8 of Wands or the Fool card, depending on what type of adventure you were looking for. These cards become your Significator card,the card that represents your desired outcome. For this example, I chose the Chariot card, with the desired outcome of my life becoming more aligned and coherent.
    2. Next, shuffle your Tarot deck and select two cards, one for the first step that you need to take in order to begin the transformation of your life into the outcome you selected. The second card identifies the first block you’ll need to overcome to achieve your desired outcome. So you are asking the Tarot deck to show you what the first step is that you need to take to achieve your identified and desired outcome, and to show you what the first block is that you will need to overcome in order to achieve your identified and desired outcome. With the Chariot card that I selected, my first step was the Death card (I need to let some beliefs, anchors, assumptions, habits, etc., that I’ve developed over the years, so that I can begin moving forward to a more aligned and coherent life. My block was the King of Pentacles (needing to gain more mastery over my resources – my skills, abilities, my physical environment, my finances, etc) before I can really begin moving forward with a more aligned and coherent life.

tarot for manifesting - card frontUsing Tarot for Magick, you get to decide what outcome you want by selecting the Tarot card that best reflects that outcome (to you based on your definition and understanding of the outcome you want) and then let the Tarot cards show you what you need in order to achieve that outcome.

​​The questions you ask, the information and guidance you receive from pulling Tarot cards is completely up to you and what you need at that moment. You don’t have to pull cards that indicate your next step or identify upcoming blocks.


You could ask Tarot to show you:

    • what you’re not seeing about the outcome you selected.
    • what you need to learn or what skill you need to develop to achieve your desired outcome.
    • timing around when to take certain steps.
    • options that have opened up for you.
    • how to become more coherent and aligned with your desired outcome.

Basically, once you have determined what your Significator card is and what outcome you desire to create, you can ask Tarot pretty much anything about what you need to see, or do, or change, or overcome, etc., in order to achieve your desired outcome.