There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, 
Than are dreamt of in our philosophy. 
– Shakespeare’s Hamlet 

bfly1 copyWhen I was very young, I used to love watching TV shows like ‘Bewitched’ and ‘I Dream of Jeannie’. Oh, to be able to change my reality by twitching my nose or blinking my eyes or waving my hands! That would be awesome!!!

I dreamed of blinking away the bad days. Of waving my hands and being magically transported to great adventures anywhere I wanted, anytime I wanted.

I dreamed of twitching my nose and becoming rich and famous and brilliant and beautiful. The things I would do if only I could change my reality as easily as Samantha or Jeannie changed theirs.

For decades I believed that the ability to significantly change my reality was not easily accomplished, if it could be accomplished at all!! Reality was, after all, real, and magic was something that only existed in Hollywood movies, TV shows, and books. In real life I would have to live through the bad days, and only dream of going on amazing adventures or of being rich or brilliant or………….. Or so I believed.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Albert Einstein made this statement well before I was being mesmerized by Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. Albert Einstein, one of the world’s greatest thinkers, believed that reality isn’t real – that reality is an illusion.

So what does ‘…reality is an illusion’ mean….to me…in my life…right now?

Recently I have been discovering a growing chorus of voices championing the idea that everything is energy. We, as individual human bodies, are pure energy that is inextricably linked to, and inseparable from the energy that is the Multiverse!

One such voice is Jeff Lieberman. In his Science and Spirituality TEDx talk, (–_R6xThs) Jeff points out that as individual human beings, each one of us is “..a community of a thousand, trillion, trillion atoms, but when you look at those atoms really up close they fade away, and all you see is energy.”

The reality that our physical body is solid is merely a persistent illusion, a belief!!

So why don’t we feel like complex patterns of energy? Why do we feel solid?

According to Jeff Lieberman, we don’t notice that we are powerful, complex patterns of energy because we are constantly being so “…distracted by the human levels of our experience that we fail to notice what is sitting underneath.”


When we take the time to focus on the ‘now’; when we begin to live mindfully, in the moment, we begin to feel the power of our complex patterns of energy.

When we stop the chatter that is constantly filling our mind, and really listen to what is below that chatter, we begin to feel the power of our complex patterns of energy.

And when we set aside our preconceived notions, our long-held assumptions, and our limiting beliefs, we can begin to explore not only the power of our own complex patterns of energy but also the way our complex patterns of energy are connected with the complex patterns of energy that is the Multiverse.

For we are not waves sitting on the ocean, separate from the ocean, we are the ocean. We are an inseparable part of the ocean of energy we live in.

And when we realize this, when we believe this, that is when everyday magic begins to happen. When we can blink our eyes or twitch our nose or write a new script, or set powerful intentions and change our reality

So where do we begin, how do we begin to connect to this everyday magic?

For me, I am starting small by first learning how to listen to what is going on below the chatter, and by connecting to one of my complex energy patterns – my intuition.

In the brief time I have been doing this, I have already discovered some amazing magick there, and that magick is already changing my reality – my persistent illusion. And I know that this is just the beginning!!

So, do you believe in magick?