Have you ever found a penny and chanted “Find a penny, pick it up. All the day you’ll have good luck!” I used to do that every time I found a penny, believing that I would be blessed with good luck, at least for that day. That’s how easy it is to create your own Luck Charm!

Luck Charms are portable magic items that can be used on their own, or in combination with spells, sigils, Narrative Magic Journaling, and manifesting techniques of all kinds. Luck Charms are probably the most familiar type of Charm, but they are definitely not the only type of Charm we can create. 

We can create Charms for any outcome we desire – love charms, money charms, health charms, safe travels charms, abundance charms, happiness charms, success charms, etc.

Although the terms Charm. Amulet, and Talisman are often used interchangeably, they are three very distinctly different forms of magickal artifact.

evil eye amulet

Amulets, like the evil eye shown to the left, repel or ward off energy, and protect us from unwanted energy – ill health, bad luck, being hurt in a relationship, etc. 

Talismans are far more complicated to create and are far more powerful than either Charms or Amulets. Talismans can be created from any material or combination of materials the creator of the Talisman chooses to work with, and can both attract and repel any form of energy the creator of the Talisman chooses to work.

Charms draw energy to us – love, luck, money, good will, abundance, beauty, adventure, etc., and are fairly easy to creategood luck charms. Charms can be created from anything we want them to be. Charms can be spells, incantations, T-shirts, sports paraphernalia, stones, pouches filled with herbs, coins, crystals, pendulums…

Luck Charms are everywhere, and could be created from basically anything. Traditional Good Luck Charms that you might be familiar with including 4-leaf clovers, the colour green, the number 7, horseshoes, dice, ladybugs, goldfish, rainbows, acorns, elephants, a jin chan (Golden Toad), keys, a favourite piece of clothing, a laughing Buddha, Maneki Neko (waving kitty), pigs, scarabs…..the list goes on… and I’m sure you could add a few more items of your own to this list.

For personal Luck Charms, basically anything you identify as being lucky for you is considered a Luck Charm. All you have to do is to recognize or identify that that specific item is lucky for you, and then set the intention that that specific item is a Luck Charm for you. You could have a lucky t-shirt for general good luck; a lucky ladle for luck in the kitchen; a lucky wallet to hold your lucky coin for exponential luck around money; a lucky stone that you picked up on your walk; a lucky suit for job or client interviews, etc.

You could “charm” your divination tools. If there is a specific Tarot or Oracle deck that you feel is lucky for you, you can set the intention that that specific Tarot or Oracle deck is your Luck Deck, then simply recognize each time you use that deck that it is your Luck Deck, and your Tarot or Oracle Deck becomes a Luck Charm for you. You could do this with runes, with pendulums, with dice, etc,.

You could even create a divination tool made up of a set of individual charms that you collect. You could have a shell, an old house key, a miniature car, a pebble, a tiny horse shoe, a dried flower, a foreign coin, a usb drive, a chain, a ring, etc. Each item has a specific meaning assigned to it by you by you setting the intention that that specific item has that specific meaning to you – the miniature car means local travel or day trips, the dried flower means romance, the foreign coin means international travel, the horse shoe for luck, the old house key means secrets are being unlocked, etc. You identify the charm, and you set the intention for what that charm means.

Keep all the items you collect in a box o a bowl. This charm box or charm bowl or charm container becomes a divination tool, similar to an Oracle deck. Ask your charms a question. Pull a charm or two or three out of your charm box. Your interpretation of the charms you pull provides you with the answer to your question.  

When creating Charms of any kind, remember to be creative, have fun, and that the power and magick of the Charm is as much in the intention we set a carry with us regarding the Charm, as it is in the Charm itself.

Charms of all kinds, are a simple way of easily adding a touch of practical magick to your everyday life!

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