Happy Easter!
                                       Happy Easter!


Written by: Anne Bolender

Spring has finally sprung here in Southern Ontario – just in time for Easter Weekend….yay!!

The new smoker/barbeque is all stoked up and is processing a Double Smoked Easter Ham. The doors and windows are all wide open, letting in the sunshine, an early spring breeze, and the delicious smell of apple and pecan woods being turned into smoke!!

The lethargy of an unusually long, cold, snowy winter is finally being replaced by the energy of new growth, expansion, curiosity, rebirth!! This must be what coming out of a hibernation must feel like!! The brain has lost its fuzzy feeling and is focusing on plans and intentions, and following paths of curiosity to see where they lead.

After this long winter, spring almost feels magical! Abracadabra – I create as I speak!! Creativity sprouting new thoughts, new ideas, new growth, new strengths, new confidences……..

So what changes, curiosities, expansions, beautiful bounties are coming to life in your world? What new growth are you creating?

Happy Easter, everyone!!