When Clarity Becomes Fuzzy Written by: Anne Bolender

Despite the fact that I am constantly trying to improve my own Clarity by tapping deeper into connecting with my essential self, a couple of months ago I lost focus. My Clarity ended up getting really, really fuzzy.

It became difficult for me to see where I was going with my life…..and why!

This was not a comfortable place to be, not for someone who values clarity and connecting with my essential self.

But I decided to ride it out, see where the chaos took me……and it took me right through the fuzzy to a new version of Clarity.

And. It. Is. Awesome!!!

Looking back, it was a little bit like de-focusing a telescope, or a camera lens, right before you focus super clearly on the finer details.

This has happened to me several times in the past, but I never really understood the significance, until now

In my wanders I happened upon an article that described a new theory on the process of learning. Previous theories taught that our learning process looks something like a set of steps – we go through periods of stability, something like the tread on a stair, then we absorb and process a bunch of information so our knowledge level increases, something like the riser on a stair.

In other words, we enjoy our current level of Clarity during the periods of stability, but can experience some deep fuzzy/chaos/blurry thinking when we are processing important information or going through some deep learning.

When this has happened in the past, I have often come out the other end with a whole new focus in my life. An exciting new direction that leads me off on new adventures. I think one of the reasons this happens is because I am a scanner – a multi-passioned individual.

I’m sure other scanners out there know the feeling!!

This time, however, no new direction, just a clearer image of some finer details emerged.

So what does all of this mean and why am I mentioning it?

Well, I am still really excited about the concept of Clarity. About working on and with Clarity. I love focusing down to the ‘Ah Ha!’ moments and then charging forward.

I still love and am excited by helping people connect with their essential self, with helping people strip away who they were told to be and watching them become who they were born to be!!

But I discovered that I am also really excited about exploring Freedom and Adventure and stepping things up several notches by becoming a professional with my life, by ‘going pro’ with my life.

Oh Crap copySo these are the details that I am focusing on – on being a Freedom-loving, Adventure-seeking, Mobile Professional who has friends and relatives exclaiming “Oh Crap! What is she up to now!”

And this is the direction this blog and my newsletter will be taking over the next little while – focusing on what is needed to become an Ageless Nomad!! The lifestyle, and more importantly the lifestyle career, and the clarity, and the so many other things that are needed to tap into the Ageless Nomad Essential Self and enjoy the freedom and the adventure! Fun!!!

Clarity, darlings!!! 100 percent Clarity! It’s Awesome!!!