Big Red Heart

Big Red Heart surrounded by soul energy.

Why are we attracted to some things but not others? Why do some things bring us pure joy but to other people, they bring nothing but pure misery? How can we design a life that is fully in alignment with things and people and activities that we love?

What if there was a way for us to deliberately create a life, or a business, or any activity that was crafted around only on things that brought us absolute joy? 

As deliberate creators, we are aware of Abraham’s foundational message – that we are here on this planet, at this time, in this body, to experience joy, nothing more, and nothing less. As the saying goes, we are not here in this life to simply pay bills and be miserable.

So how do we create this life of joy that we are all supposed to be living?

Well, for a lot of people, finding joy becomes a lifelong pursuit based on trial and error. Others seem to ‘fall into’ their ideal life. But for us left struggling to find that alignment, that life of abundance through ease and flow it can be a puzzle that we never solve.

I know for me, sometime around mid-life, in my early 50’s, life lost it’s lustre and started to become a frustrating routine interrupted only by the challenge of trying to figure out “what do I do next” and “how can I make my life better, more exciting, more joyful?” The job/career that I had, the one that once felt like joy and freedom, had become an albatross around my neck that only brought stress, frustration, and anxiety. But, the more I tried to transform my life, the more I seemed to be drifting away from what my dream life felt like, until I felt that I just did not want to put the additional effort in to trying to change.

What if, after all the effort and time and money that major transformations cost I still hated my life? What if I still hadn’t found the joy I was looking for?

With any transformation or major change, from trying to establish a new relationship, to building a business or a career, to designing a new lifestyle, when we build on a life or an activity or a situation that we are not fully in alignment with the changes will eventually lead to a dysfunctional situation that is full of frustration, anxiety, stress, dissatisfaction…….

The key to any major life change is to start with identifying your core values, your soul’s code, the things/activities/values that are important to you and bring you joy – in what ever way you define ‘joy’.

Once you can identify what your core values are, what your soul’s code of joy, is, you can align your changes and transformations to them to create your authentic life of abundance and joy. And the kicker is, identifying your core values, your soul’s code to joy, is so much easier than trying to make life changes that end up taking you farther away from your authentic life.

The key to identifying your core values is to use your intuition rather than your logic when you are looking at what makes you happy. When we use our logic to determine what makes us happy, a lot of ‘should’ activities and values or a lot of very general values tend to slip in, and these don’t really help us because eventually our intuition will begin to reject these values, and frustration and stress will become a part of our lives again!! When we use our intuition to create our soul’s code, two things happen:

  1. the values and activities that we identify will continue to bring us joy throughout our lives. How these values and activities bring us joy will change as we age, but our basic soul code will remain constant.
  2. once our intuition, our Inner Wisdom, is aware of our soul’s code, it will do everything in it’s power (which is quite a substantial power) to bring more and more of these values and activities into our lives. Nice, huh??

One way you can begin to tap into your intuition in order to start identifying your soul’s code make a list of all the values (love, honesty, abundance, luxury, truth, family, hard work, etc) and all of the activities you love doing – these are things that you can lose yourself in, you lose track of time, you lose track of where you are, you forget to eat, etc.

For each item you list, ask yourself why? Why is this specific value or activity important to you? What is there about this activity or value that you could not live without?

For example, one of the values I thought was important to me was “freedom”, but this is such a general value that it can be quite meaningless. So rather than focusing in freedom, as yourself why is freedom important to you? – is it because freedom leaves you free to do as you please whenever you please? If yes, then why is that important to you?

It generally takes at least 5 levels of asking “Why is this important to me?” to get to the actual core value that is part of your authentic soul code. For me, freedom ended up being “authentic self-expression”, which has become a value that I deeply connect with. It is a value that has tremendous meaning to me and one that I can begin to add to my life in a very authentic way, far easier than trying to first figure out what freedom actually looks like and then trying to add that to my life!!

If you are not sure what core values are, an extensive list of core values can be found on my website at  Your Personal Core Values Handbook



I am currently offering a variety of one-on-one coaching programs that are focused on helping you quickly identify your soul code (the values and activities that you find important) and integrating these values and activities into your daily life. These Clarity Alchemy Coaching Programs will help you begin to bring your life into alignment with your authentic self – the self that is ready and waiting to experience a life of abundance and joy.

Unravelling the Chaos

…..Unravelling the Chaos in Our Lives

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