Manifesting a Magical 2014

Manifesting a Magical 2014: Clearing Space


Written by: Anne Bolender

This is week 2 of the Manifesting a Magical 2014.This week’s posts are about Clearing Space To Make Room For Change – out with the old so we can make room for the new!! When we are trying to manifest major transformations, we need plenty of space for the “new” to come into our lives, space to clarify what we want, space to practice manifesting techniques, and space to welcome change into our lives.

This second principle of Manifesting, Clearing Space To Make Room For change, arises out of three basic concepts:

  1. Clearing space in our lives;
  2. Clearing space in our environments; and
  3. Clearing space to move forward.

Clearing space in our lives. We all live busy lives in terms of both the activities we participate in, and in terms of the types and amount of thoughts that constantly pass through our minds. Manifesting major transformations requires both a clarity of focus and a time commitment. Neither of these are easy to do if we are booked to the max with commitments and activities that consume all of our time, or if we are so stressed that our thoughts are constant, demanding and chaotic. The Self Care activities that I posted about last Thursday can help relieve some stress. This Thursday, I will provide some techniques to help relax some of the internal chatter and some tips on how to prioritize our “must do” activities.

As for freeing up some time, most of the manifesting techniques that will be provided in Thursday’s post will require between 30 minutes and one hour per day to perform. Time to prioritize your time! It will definitely be worth it in the long-run.

Clearing space in our environment. We live in a consumer-oriented society where our fundamental economy is based on how many goods we buy on a constant basis. The result is that most of us tend to live in homes that are loaded with “things”, sometimes to the point of chaos or overwhelm in our environment.

Clearing out a space that becomes your space to manifest your dreams can be an empowering activity to complete. This space can as small as a desk or dresser drawer – a special place to store your manifesting materials in – or as large as a room that becomes your sacred space.

The physical act of clearing space seems to connect with our thoughts and our well-being in almost magical ways. For some, the act of clearing space is part of a ritual that helps them connect more deeply with manifesting.

Clearing space to move forward. For most of us, hoarding is a way of life. Not so much that we overwhelm our houses and need help letting go of mundane objects, its more that we tend to hold onto things as souvenirs of our past. Wedding dresses from a first marriage; tools from hobbies we will never do again; toys and clothes from when our children were young; letters, books, holiday brochures; odds-and-ends along stored alongside bunches of bits-and-pieces.

The more physical reminders of our past that we hold onto, the more rooted in our past we remain, the harder it is to move on and embrace the changes our future has in store for us.

To truly allow our futures to manifest into the dreams we hold dear, we must let go of the past that no longer serves or supports up; let go of activities that keep us “busy” so we don’t have time to manifest changes; clear space to provide the changes we are manifesting with the room they need to connect and grow.

Thursday’s post will contain tips and techniques on how to clear space to prepare for manifesting some magic.


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