Manifesting a Magical 2014 - Act As If

Manifesting a Magical 2014:
Act As If Your Goal is Your Current Reality

Written by: Anne Bolender

There are a lot of techniques that can help you deliberately create the goals you want to achieve by acting as if you already had or were your goal.

One of the most popular and potent technique is visualization.


Most, if not all, elite athletes, from professionals to olympic competitors practice visualization, and have done for years, perhaps even decades. Even among highly successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople, visualization is a powerful tool that is used widely.

I love watching olympic athletes visualize before they compete – eyes closed, body ever so slightly going through the moves they need to make. For us brilliant deliberate creators, visualization can help train our brains to accept the new reality we want as our lives and help us practice what our new lives will be like – the joy or fulfillment we feel when working with our ideal clients; the exciting experiences of solo adventures overseas; the thrill of receiving A+ on Academic Papers; feelings of accomplishment at publishing our first book. The clearer our visualizations are, the more of our senses we engage while we visualize, the more powerful this technique is.

If you fully visualize how you will feel when you have achieved your goal (what it will look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like) even if that goal is a long way off, the Universe will help speed you on your path to achieving that goal.

But not everyone is good at that level of visualizing. There are a lot of people, me included, who have difficulties immersing ourselves in a visualization of what we are trying to create. For me the technique of As If Journaling is where I can create my goals.

As If Journaling

Anyone who is familiar with the awesome Jeannette Maw, Master LOA Coach at the Good Vibe University and the Good Vibe Coach Academy will be familiar with this type of journaling under the name of Pray Rain Journaling.

With As If/Pray Rain Journaling you write your visualization down, in a daily journal, rather than try to imagine it in your mind. Basically, you write about what your life is like now that you have deliberately created your goal, even if you haven’t achieved the goal yet. When you personalize what you write and write in the present tense (“I am….” rather than “She would like to…”) your brain will perceive the thought that you are writing about as being true and will start thinking as if you have already achieved your goal. Your perception will shift and you will start seeing new opportunities that will help you actually achieve what you are journaling.

Remember that the key to all successful deliberate creation is to focus in on how you will feel when you have achieved your goal. Because of this focus, you might not actually achieve the physical items that are part of your goals (the mansion, the Porsche sports car) – what you may end up achieving is something different or even better, but you will end up experiencing and honoring the core desired feeling that lies at the heart of you goal .

One trick that I use to boost my creative power while I am doing my As If Journaling is to add pictures that I have cut out of magazines or found on the Internet. These pictures don’t necessarily reflect the actual reality that I am creating for myself – the house might be different from the one I am imagining I am living in, or the scenery that I am hiking through, or sailing through, or riding a horse through might be different from anything I have access to, but the feeling I get while looking at the photos is the feeling I want to experience when I do these activities. I stick these photos into my As If Journal and then write my journal entry around how I am feeling and what I am experiencing while I am enjoying these activities or while I am living in my dream house.

Again, the focus is on connecting with my core desired feelings and carrying these feelings over into my daily life so that I am Acting As If I have already achieved my goals, and in this way I am attracting more of what I want into my life.

If Visualization and As If/Pray Rain Journaling aren’t working for you, then there are some powerful Immersion techniques that you can try. These techniques can really bump up your Acting As If powers.


With Immersion, what you do is surround yourself with artifacts and items that continually remind you of what your goal is, and helps you connect with the feelings you are after when you Act As If.

For example, imagine that your goal was to become a travel writer and write about your experiences traveling around France for a year. But for now, you are stuck working 9-5 Monday to Friday in a 7 foot by 7 foot cubicle. Visualizing and As If Journaling are not really helping you connect with the core desired feelings that being a travel writer who is living in France will give you. One way to boost you manifesting powers and connect with these core desired feelings is to surround yourself with items that represent or symbolize this life to you.

Your tiny cubicle becomes your writing space. You cover the walls with pictures of places in France you long to visit. You listen to a French radio station. You bring croissant sandwiches and brie cheese in for lunch. You have a screenshot of a French newspaper as your monitor’s wallpaper. You read French novels and magazines during your break. You type up a draft of your resignation letter getting it ready for the big day. You dress like a travel writer. Your purse or backpack is full of the tools of the trade. You immerse yourself in French culture and in items that constantly remind you of your goal. Before long you are finding ways and attracting opportunities that make this dream happen.

These are three very powerful Act As If techniques that will help you deliberately create your ideal path to your authentic life.

Next week’s posts are about relaxing and releasing all attach­ment to the out­come.

See you then!!

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