Written by: Anne Bolender

I have recently realized that sometimes we need a supporting community around us while we are making significant changes in our life. And that sometimes that community of support really needs to understand not just who we are and what we are trying to accomplish, but that the community also needs to understand how we are doing what we are trying to do.

I came to this realization recently while researching and trying to achieve Alignment – aligning my reality with my essential self and my personal core values.

This research has led me on a path of discovery that has included exploring consciousness; reality and how we can shift our reality; how we give meaning to our reality and why this is significant; the power of the mnd and the mind/body connection; all with the intention of finding ways to align with my essential self and my full potential.

A couple of interesting things that I discovered along the way:

  1. these topics are awesome! There is so much exciting information out there on these topics, and new research is constantly uncovering amazing things that point out how incredibly awesome we are, and why we owe it to ourselves to align with our essential self;
  2. that there are other individuals: Law of Attraction practitioners; Deliberate Creators; people interested in exploring their full potential, or interested in finding their passion and purpose in life; people who just want to turn their life around; who are also interested in these topics and enjoying a life of alignment; and
  3. exploring this material, understanding this material, and figuring out how to incorporate this material into your life so you can align with your essential self is more effective, more enjoyable and more powerful in a community of like-minded creators.

And this is my intention with The Alignment Incubator, my new Facebook Group, to create a community of support for anyone interested in learning how to align their reality with their essential self.

If you are one of those awesome individuals who is also interested in creating a life in alignment with your essential self, then come and join the Alignment Incubator Facebook Group  by clicking on the Alignment Incubator Facebook Group link.

Or you can email me directly at anne@annebolender.com, let me know that you would like to join the group and I will send you an invitation. This group is an open group for now but will be switching to a closed group soon.

Join now – and learn more about aligning your reality with your essential self!!