image in cool blue tomes of a bay surrounded by mountains


you are wildly capable of turning the


lifestyle and business you dream of


into your lived reality.

Dare to Dream!

Choose to Thrive!

Create The Life You Crave!


At some point in our lives, many of us fall into a liminal state of betwixt and between, No longer wanting to remain in the lifestyle we’ve created for ourselves, but uncertain as to which way is forward. It’s not that our lives aren’t good – at least on paper! But we know there’s something missing from our lives, and that emptiness leaves us feeling frustrated, stressed, and perhaps even a bit lonely. 

In this liminal state, we sleepwalk through life, living one day at a time, getting increasingly more set in the old habits of the familiar, feeling further and further away from the life we dream of living.

But still we dream.

Someday I’ll………

When I’ve……..then I’ll………

What if you began to dig into those dreams and started turning a few of them into reality. And then a few more….and another few more?

Where would you begin?

Where would you like to go?

EMPOWERED Coaching harnesses the wisdom of Tarot combined with practical Life Coaching techniques to guide you to finding your clarity, identify your personal preferences, and become reacquainted with your passions.

With EMPOWERED Coaching, we start where you are, with the tools you already have, in the environment you currently live in, and slowly help you gain clarity on what you truly want, focus on what you can do with what you have, and identify aligned actions to help you create the life you crave.

During our first month coaching together, the focus will be on self-discovery, on exploring what your core values are, what vision you have of the life you want to create, of what your Future Self  identity is. And we’ll occasionally tune in to the Tarot cards to identify some limiting beliefs and challenges that you’re currently facing.

When we have clarity here, we move on to doing some vision casting and intention setting, identifying not just what you want to accomplish but also exploring why you want to accomplish it. And finally we will discuss some magick and manifesting techniques that you can use to continue transforming your life through, techniques like Sigils, As If Journaling, following the energy of Lunar Cycles.

By the end of this month of coaching, you will have a clearer vision of what you want to focus on creating in your life, along with a couple of powerful tools that will help you successfully achieve your vision.

Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

So let’s do this together!!

EMPOWERED Coaching:   Private Coaching Sessions

1 month package $800 (USD).

One month of Empowered Coaching includes:

    1. Four, 50 minute one to one coaching sessions
    2. Unlimited Voxer access during office hours
    3. Accountability and implementation
    4. Tools and techniques to help you with your ongoing personal growth and empowerment