Wisdom and Magic


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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams,

and live the life you have imagined.”

Henry David Thoreau.


Imagine waking up every morning feeling excited to greet each new day because you know your life is awesome and getting better every day!!

Everything you have dreamed about doing or being is happening. You’ve created the business you love, the relationship you crave, the career you dreamed of! You’re changing the lives of your ideal clients for the better! You’re making a difference in the world!

If you could live the lifestyle you crave, imagine what you would be doing right now!

Wisdom and Magic combines the power of Tarot with the elegance and effectiveness of Conscious Creation coaching and mentoring  to provide you with the clarity, belief, and focus you need to successfully follow your dreams.

Wisdom and Magic provides you with some amazingly effective tools, techniques, and actionable steps that will help you tap into your inner wisdom to identify and create the life or business you crave!

Private Mentoring Sessions! One-on-One, private mentoring sessions that help you understand the “How?” of manifesting your desires, and helps you achieve your goals. These sessions are for people who know what they want, but are a bit uncertain on how they are going to successfully manifest their dream.  


Wisdom and Magic Single Sessions are designed to help you find clarity around specific changes and transformations you are wanting to make in your life or your business, or stuck spots that you are having difficulty overcoming.

Private Manifesting Sessions are designed to help you keep moving forward on your desired path.

The 3-month Wisdom and Magic Program is coaching/mentoring/accountability program designed to take you on a journey to the centre of your being so that you can easily and elegantly align who you are with what you want, and answer the question “How can I create the lifestyle or business I crave?”



If you can imagine it, you can become it, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

~ William Arthur Ward


The Wisdom and Magic Single Session provides you with:….


 ~ 1 six-card Tarot reading, 

..~ 1 fifty-minute, one-on-one coaching session,

..~ 7 days of unlimited email mentoring, and accountability,

..~ worksheets and/or actionable steps,

You can find more information about the Wisdom and Magic Single Session.

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.Private Mentoring Sessions provide you with:


~ 1 one-on-one 45 minute private mentoring session, where we explore what your plans are, what you have been doing to manifest your plans, how to regain focus so you can get back on track manifesting your dreams, and one or two alternative techniques that you can use to start moving forward with your manifesting,

~ 7 days of unlimited email coaching, mentoring, and accountability,

~ worksheets and/or actionable steps

~ Tarot and/or oracle cards will likely be involved

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.The Wisdom and Magic  3-Month Program provides you with:

dare to dream Wisdom and Magic 6 Month Program……..

~ 3 personalized Tarot Readings, focused on your questions

~ 12 one-on-one coaching sessions,

~ 12 weeks of unlimited email coaching, mentoring and accountability support,

~ information and lessons on several powerful techniques to help you continue with your personal development,

~ help on connecting with and developing your Intuition,

~ information and support on how to identify your personal core values

~ worksheets, homework, and/or actionable steps to help you amp up your success

You can find more information about the Wisdom and Magic 3-Month Program by clicking here.

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