Deck of Tarot Cards on a white table top with candles and driftwood, Tarot Wisdom Manifesting

exploring ways that Tarot can empower, enchant,

and amplify your life

Imagine walking into your home through the door that you blessed, cleansed, and drew a protection and prosperity sigil on under the fresh coat of paint you recently applied. You are consciously aware that your stepping out of your street shoes just inside your front door, removing and hanging up your coat, and placing your keys in the special tray are part of the intentional transition ritual you do every time you walk through your front door and leave the outside world behind.

Imagine calling on the energy of the full moon, the strength of the Elements, and the power of words to turn a coin into a Money Talisman!

Or adding the magick of Sigils and the wisdom of Tarot to your daily journaling to create your own book of enchantment.

Or turning a recipe into a magick potion by intentionally adding a few carefully selected ingredients, along with some specific herbs and spices.

Or uncovering what’s blocking you and preventing what you are manifesting from coming into your life, and identifying inspired actions you can take to move past the block.

Tarot Wisdom combined with everyday Magick, Intuition, and practical steps is the alchemy that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and help you create the life you crave!

Here’s to your wildest dreams, to your big audacious goals, to living your best life! May Wisdom + Magick guide you to them in ways that flow with ease and delight, in ways that are both magical and mundane.


Who is the WISDOM AND MAGICK Membership for?

The Wisdom and Magick Membership is for:

      • anyone who yearns to be more adventurous, more self-reliant, more joyful, who wants to live a life of passion and purpose, who wants both financial freedom as well as lifestyle freedom…..but isn’t quite sure where to start or what to do.
      • the nearly and newly retired who are looking for ways to turn this time of their life into the best time of their life,
      • anyone who wants to be a lifestyle solopreneur, creating a business that supports their life, and not have their entire life devoted to building, growing, and maintaining a business.



What’s included in the Wisdom and Magick Membership?

Each month in the Wisdom and Magick Membership there will be:

      • a pre-recorded lesson focused on helping you develop and use:
        1. your intuition;
        2. everyday magick and divination;
        3. practical transformation skills,
        4. powerful manifesting skills; and
        5. solid, actionable business building skills.
      • two weekly co-working/question and answer sessions,
      • a private Facebook Group
      • a course Library that is not only searchable, but has it’s own built-in AI that will answer your questions.………………



The Wisdom and Magick Membership will help you gain:


In the first stage of the Wisdom and Magick Membership, we begin to learn to trust ourselves, to become confident in knowing who we are and what we want our lives to be like.

We do this by gaining Clarity, around our core values and our personal passions, and by developing our Intuition. We do this through practice, exercises, challenges, and using our Intuition, We also do this by learning how to use Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, and other forms of Divination to support and expand our Intuitive Skills. 

Membership image of an abstract spiral

Everyone has intuition – but only some of us have developed our intuition to the point where we’re consciously and actively using our intuition to help us create and live our best life. 

One of the issues with intuition is that it can be challenging to know if what we’re experience is intuition, or if it’s our fear, or our ego, or our imagination, or anything other than our intuition that we’re connecting with.

Fair enough!

With intuition, we rely on visions, sounds, voices, feelings, fragrances, and more, that seem to have no source, and come to us as ‘whispers’ that are often drowned out by our ego or our logic. Plus, not everyone receives their strongest intuitive messages through visions or voices or gut reactions – the forms that we commonly associate with intuition.

Along with exploring Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards, we’ll also explore Signs, Omens, and Oracles, and how they work with your intuition to provide you with extra sources of intuitive messages.

Membership image of tarot cards spread on a table top

Some of the benefits we gain by connecting with and trusting our Intuition include:

      • gain clarity around who we are, what we want, and how to get it,
      • make decisions and choices that are aligned with who we are, and what we truly want,
      • identify potential opportunities, ones that are in alignment with who we are and what we want, 
      • explore and compare potential outcomes,
      • identify next steps, ones that are aligned with our new identity,
      • create our best good life,
      • maintain alignment and coherence with who we are and what we want, as we continue to grow and transform,
      • create a business that thrives,
      • acknowledge and integrate the shadow parts of ourselves, the bits that we try to hide 




Once we’ve gained clarity and feel comfortable connecting with our Intuition, we then begin exploring techniques that help us maintain our focus.

One of the biggest challenges when it come to manifesting, or to making changes or transformations in our lives, is maintaining focus. Even if you don’t believe in the power of magick, the processes of magick help us maintain our focus on what changes or transformations we are making, in a way that is non-obsessive and that helps reduce the feelings of being attached to the outcome.

Practical Magick is easy magick, that can still produce a major impact!

The types of Practical Magick that we explore in the Wisdom and Magick Membership includes, at least:

1) Sigils – little squiggles that contain powerful magick. With Sigils, we transform words, affirmations, power statements, etc, into images that connect with our subconscious through focus and through low attention processing. We’ll explore Robofish, Shoals of Sigils, and Sigils for both short-term and long-term magick.

2) Candle Magick – calling in the energy and power of the spirit of fire, connecting the colour of the candle to the manifestation desire, carving Sigils on candles, using candles as offerings, and more!

3) Manifesting by Moonlight – there’s a special magick that’s connected with the Moon. Just the structure of the Lunar Cycle alone provides a powerful manifesting structure to follow, but then add in the Moon’s movement through the Astrological signs, and you’ve got the basis for some successful manifesting magick.

4) Calling in the Spirits – it never hurts to have a Spirit Committee helping you through your transformation, even if it’s a committee of one or two Spirits!

5) Narrative Magick – there are several journaling techniques that tap into the power of words to help you bring your transformations and identity shifts to life.




The next step in the Wisdom and Magick Membership involves bringing our dreams into our reality by taking actions that are aligned and coherent with the person we are becoming. We do this by:

1) Shifting our identity – this is our inner world. Here we explore our core values, personal preferences, and the next version of who we want to be. Identity shifting is a powerful alignment tool that helps us become the person we dream of being. As Leonardo DeCaprio once said “Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

We often find ourselves looking to the past and reliving the should’a, could’a, would’a thoughts of paths not taken. Identity shifting helps us turn our focus on the present, onto thoughts and dreams of what we want to do and what we are still capable of doing!

What is it that you truly desire? If that dream has stayed with you, then take notice. That’s your intuition telling you that that dream is still important to you. So what are you waiting for? 


2) Transforming our environment – is our environment helping us grow and transform, or is it keeping us anchored in the past, connecting us to the identity of the person we no longer want to be. Your brain believes what it sees, so give it something new and amazing to believe in!

Our environment, the collective remnants of our past lives and identities keeps us anchored to those identities. By slowly removing these anchors, and replacing them with remnants of our future self, we can facilitate a more successful transformation. One key is to know which remnant will have the biggest impact, and start there!




This stage of the Wisdom and Magick Membership is where we take things to the next level. This is where our mindset and our identity have shifted and we’re comfortable with, and trust, our Intuition and our ability to create what we crave in our life. We are now ready to take the next leap of faith and find out where our passions take us.




What you end up with is….

…… a process that help you become a powerful, active participant who takes charge of, and responsibility for the co-creation of the life you adore. An enchanted life whose identity, environment, and lifestyle is build by you, for you.

Imagine if you had the tools, the techniques, the support, and the ability to co-create your life, what dreams would you be creating right now? 

      • a new job or career;                                              Membership Image of A Tuscany Farmhouse in San Quirico d'Orcia, Italy
      • an ideal business that’s full of ideal clients;
      • more money;
      • a loving relationship;
      • good friends;
      • the perfect apartment or house;
      • the vacation of your dreams:
      • a successful online, location-independent business that supports your nomadic lifestyle;
      • the exact car you have always wanted;
      • your ideal weight and fitness level



Then the Wisdom and Magick Membership is for you, and will be


Coming Soon!

Let your adventure begin!
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