change doesn't have to be complicatedIt doesn’t matter how much planning, or visualizing, or journaling, or dreaming we do, full clarity on what we need to do to bring the change we want into our life requires us to start taking action. Actions create clarity by helping us connect with our thoughts, dreams, desires, etc., in the physical world.

Quite often, the more we plan and research and think about what we want to accomplish, the more complicated and unattainable what we are trying to accomplish becomes – at least in our minds.

But taking action, any action, can help you gain clarity on what your next step should be, and then the next after that, and the next after that, and so on…So although our thoughts can guide us, actions create clarity. 

And the steps or actions you take don’t have to be big, or bold, or expensive, Simply use what you have and start where you are. Turtle steps are still steps forward. 

Not sure where to start, or what your first action step should be? Try this:

1) Write a story with the future you as the main character, living the life you’ve created once the change you’re dreaming about has become real. What would your ideal day be like? How would you be feeling?  What would you be doing? What skills and abilities would these activities require? Include as much detail as you can. Writing dreams, desires, changes, next steps, etc., down starts bringing our thoughts our of our imagination and into the physical world.

2) Do an inventory on where you are right now. How much of your life already fits with the image you have of future you? What skills and abilities are you already using

3) Based on where you are right now, what’s one thing you can start doing today, that will bring you closer to the image you have of future you’re life? Start there, with that one thing.

Follow your intuition and do that thing that feels right for you. Even if it goes against the traditional or general advice that’s given by “experts”.  Keep in mind that experts are only human, and although they can make wonderful resources and can offer a lot of really good information, they aren’t you! Experts and gurus can be great for helping you identify potential options if you need them, and for helping you expand your resourcefulness and your creativity, but taking action by following your intuition provides you with far greater clarity than strictly following the advice or guidance offered by an “expert”. 


What actions can you begin taking this week to help you gain clarity?