written by Anne Bolender

One of the first things people new to deliberate creation try to manifest are either parking spaces or green lights.

As there are a lot of traffic lights in the city I live in, I decided to try my hand at manifesting green traffic lights on my drive to work and back every day.

Before I started trying to manifest green traffic lights, I would probably end up getting about 80% red lights on my way to work every morning and about 40% red lights on my way home every night. These were the same traffic lights on the same route both ways, so I found this difference to be rather intriguing.

For the first month or so, I’m trying every manifesting/deliberate creating trick in the book to get the lights to turn green for me and I noticed that I was now getting 90% red lights on my way to work every morning and about 35% red lights on my way home – not exactly what I was expecting!!. The more I tried, the more I got mostly red lights on my way to work and mostly green lights on my way home.

It got to the point where I finally began laughing about how effective I had become at deliberately creating red lights for me and green lights for drivers going in the opposite direction at intersections. And that’s when it finally hit me – I finally understood what was going on and why I was manifesting what I was receiving.

I live in one rather medium sized city and drive to work to another medium sized city about a 40 minute drive away to go to work every day. For years I have really disliked the idea of having to live in one city and work in a different city. But this dislike had become so much a part of who I am, I had forgotten about it – until I tried to manifest green lights.

What I ended up manifesting was the Universe reminding me that I did not like having to travel like this every morning and the Universe was doing what it could to keep me in the city I live in by putting all the red traffic lights in my path every morning!! How very cleaver of the Universe.

Once I realized this, and began feeling better about my drives between cities every morning, I began getting more and more green lights on my way to work. Now its about 50/50 green to red which is fine for me.

Deliberate Creation Lessons Learned

So what lessons did I learn from this:

  1. sometimes our beliefs are deeply rooted and not so easy to see, which is why it is better to follow how we are feeling rather than trying to follow our thoughts.
  2. the fastest route to deliberate creation is to be happy. It wasn’t until I began laughing about what was happening before I realized what was actually going on and I could deliberately create something better, and
  3. Deliberate creation can be lots of fun!!

Till next time 🙂