Manifesting a Magical 2014 - Trusting the Universe

Manifesting a Magical 2014: Trusting The Universe


Written by: Anne Bolender

Lets face it, trusting the Universe to deliver what you are trying to manifest is not always that easy. No matter how hard I try, sometimes, not very often, but sometimes I still feel that twinge of doubt romping around in the back of my mind.

Will the Universe actually be able to provide that new car, or special relationship, or new career, or more money that I am intending to achieve this year? After all, I am so far away from those goals right now that I can’t imagine ever receiving these things, and besides, I can’t see the Universe at work, or can I?

We can only perceive a fraction of the information that we sense every minute of every day.

It is amazing how much information we actually miss on a regular basis. But mixed in amongst that massive amount of information we don’t access are often bits and pieces of information that we fail to recognize as the Universe’s hints that we are, in fact, on the right path.

We tend to look for the literal translation of what we are trying to manifest – cold hard cash; a new car showing up on our doorstep; the thunderbolt of instant attraction to our new true love. Unfortunately, what the Universe tends to do, is to tap into the energy and vibrations that we send out into the world, not the pictures of physical items or actual activities. Sometimes, the energy and vibrations we send out are not the energy and the vibrations we think we are sending out. Sometimes, the Universe gives us what we are trying to manifest just not in the form that we expect.

So, how do we know that the Universe is actually working with us in our efforts to manifest?

There are three things that we can do to build our trust in the Universe:

1)  Clean up our thoughts:  No, I don’t mean “clean up” in that way. What I mean is that sometimes our thoughts are not really in alignment with what we are trying to manifest. When that happens there is a miscommunication between what we think we are trying to manifest, and what the Universe is sending us. For example, we may be trying to manifest ‘weight loss’ but we are vibing ‘low self confidence’ (our thoughts and feelings are stressing the “If I could only lose weight I would…..go after that awesome career, speak to that amazing person, travel. etc”). The Universe send all kinds of gifts our way that will help us improve our self-confidence, but we are looking for quick and easy weight loss from the Universe so don’t see these gifts from the Universe.

Tip #1 for Building Trust with the Universe: When you are trying to manifest something, make sure that your thoughts and feelings and in alignment with what you are trying to manifest so you can avoid miscommunicating with the Universe.

2) Expand our interpretation of what we are asking for: meanings can be very slippery, particularly when dealing with abstract concepts, like “money”, “wealth”, “success”, “joy”, etc. We might be thinking ‘money’ and meaning ‘paper bills and metal coins’, what the Universe interprets this as could be anything from coupons, discounts, being unexpectedly taken out for a free meal, gifts, and any number of other methods that reduce our need to actually spend our money.

I was practicing manifesting a couple of weeks ago by trying to manifest $100. What I received from a number of sources were a several discount coupons and 20x the points emails all for the exact items I had been wanting to purchase. In total, I received well over the $100 I had been trying to manifest! My role in this manifesting was to recognize and appreciate that these coupons and extra points were exactly what I had been asking for.

Tip #1 for Building Trust with the Universe: expand your definition of what you are manifesting. Think metaphorically, think creatively, think about how the way you are feeling has changed. You will receive what you are manifesting, just maybe not in the form that you were originally thinking about.

3) Pay attention to our surroundings: the Universe ‘speaks’ to us all of the time. Our responsibility is to increase our awareness of the world around us to appreciate all the gifts we are receiving when we set about to deliberately create our life.

At the very core of what we are trying to manifest is generally a feeling that we are trying to bring into our life. If we have identified our core desired feelings, and are paying attention, the world around us will show us how often the universe gives us exactly what we ask for.

We try to manifest more joy in our life and all of a sudden we are noticing beautiful butterflies fluttering around us and smile to ourself. Or a song we love comes on the radio and our mood lifts as we sing along. Pay attention to what draws your attention to it.

I was at a retreat in Santa Fe last year. One exercise we were given was to wander through the downtown area and take a picture of whatever drew our attention to it. The object could be large or small, anything from a building to a bracelet. The only restriction was that the object had to have ‘pulled’ our attention to it. Then we had to figure out the ‘message’ that that specific item was trying to give us. This was a lot of fun – and quite enlightening.

Tip #1 for Building Trust with the Universe: pay attention to whatever your attention is being drawn to, then try to figure out what message the Universe is sending you.


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