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Intuitive Solopreneur: Empowering mid-life women to create their best life by unlocking their potential with the power of their Intuition, the wisdom and magick of Tarot, and practical business building techniques

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs


An Intuitive Solopreneur is an entrepreneur who is interested in creating a life filled with passion and purposed that’s supported by an online business they love working on.¬†

Intuitive Solopreneurs are independent, creative, adventurous, and love having the freedom to run their businesses from anywhere in the world where they can find wifi.

Intuitive Solopreneurs support their productivity by using powerful techniques, technologies, and methods  ranging from the tried and true practical to the magickal and intuitive. 

Intuitive Solopreneurs are neither hobbyists, nor freelancers, although there is nothing wrong with being either a hobbyist or a freelancer. Intuitive Solopreneurs put structures in place, develop long-term strategies, and create multiple streams of passive income so they are not constantly chasing their next client. They also trust the power of their Intuition, and the wisdom of Intuitive Tarot to help them gain clarity around what they are doing, manage their focus so they can maintain momentum, and identify practical next steps so they can successfully achieve their goals.

Intuitive Solopreneurs are solopreneurs who tap into their intuition, connect with Tarot and Oracle Cards, blending some not-quite-mainstream techniques with practical, down-to-earth strategies and techniques as part of their go-to business building plan of action.

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