GVCA certified

Written by: Anne Bolender

For the past 15 months, I have been learning everything that I could about being a Law of Attraction Coach – and I loved every minute of it!! Last week, I passed my certification panel interview and became fully certified. This was, without doubt, one of the biggest moments in my life!

In fact, in the process of becoming certified, I ended up learning so much more that just tips and techniques that can be used for coaching – although I did learn some awesome, effective, brilliant tips and techniques – just saying 🙂

I learned more about myself, about who I am and what I want out of life than I had through the other coaching programs I completed, and through the one-on-one coaching I personally experienced.

I learned about the science behind the teachings of Deliberate Creation – that, yes, we do create our reality and that the ability to manifest our best, authentic life is within everyone’s grasp. Hard sciences…quantum physics, biocentrism, biosemiotics, conscious awareness, brain chemistry…are showing us how deliberate creation works, how we can create our reality – and, yes, we so can do this!

I have met some awesome deliberate creator coaches who are doing some amazing things in their personal lives and for their clients.

And I have had the chance to learn from two amazing mentors – Lisa Marie Hayes, Relationship Coach Extraordinaire, and Jeannette Maw, the coach who is the Law of Attraction Coach!!

Now it is time for me to turn my attention and intention on sharing what I have learned over this past 15 months so that you, dear reader, can amp up your manifesting powers and live your authentic life to the max!!

Stayed tuned – awesome is about to begin 🙂


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