Tarot and Intuition

Whether you’re a solopreneur or someone who is interested in exploring your intuitive abilities, Tarot cards can be very effective at helping you identify and develop your intuition.

Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.

Steve Jobs

Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein are just a few of the super successful individuals who are well known for following their intuition, often following their intuition instead of their logic or intellect to make important decisions for both their life and their business.

And there’s a growing number of innovative solopreneurs who are also learning how to tap into their intuition as part of their business building strategy. After all, no one else knows your business or has a vested interest in your business like you do. Even with someone else’s advice, it’s only you who can make the best decisions for your business. Using your intuition will certainly help you make the best decisions you possibly can.. And Tarot is one way to help solopreneurs both connect with and develop their intuition.

Even if you are not a Solopreneur, learning how to connect with and trust your intuition can help make life easier – particularly during times of chaos and confusion when it’s challenging to know what to do or who to trust.

Tarot uses a visual language that communicates through the creative, intuitive, and visual parts of our brain, bypassing the more logical, literate, structure-oriented parts. This connection with our so-called ‘right-brain’ functions helps us increase our ability to identify, understand, and respond to our intuition.

Although there is a structure to Tarot that underpins the traditional and symbolic meaning of each card, in most Tarot decks the image or scene depicted on the card tells a story that acts out or represents the traditional meaning of that card. We understand the meaning of the card by ‘reading’ the symbols and images of the card, and the story they tell. The story on the card and the meaning we give it, has a message that we can apply to our daily life, or our business, in answer to the question we asked. Our intuition guides our interpretation of the card in a way that gives that card its meaning for us.

We are all intuitive and receive messages from our intuition on a regular basis.

Some people are more experienced at noticing and understanding their intuitive messages than others, just like we can all sing, sculpt, write, etc., but some people are more experienced at singing, or sculpting, or writing.

Without even really knowing how to read Tarot cards, the more we explore the cards, the more we gain experience interpreting and applying the card’s symbols and messages, the more intuitive we become.

And this intuition we develop through interacting with the cards overflows into all areas of our life and our business, helping us become more effective and efficient intuitive decision-makers.

Try reading this card:

Think of a question regarding a situation or an issue in your life or your business.the fool card from Rider Waite Smith Deck

    • What story does this Fool card tell?
    • What is the Fool doing, and why are they doing it?
    • What’s in the bag that the Fool is carrying with them?
    • If you were the Fool in this card, what would you be doing and why would you be doing it?
    • What would you be feeling? What would you be thinking?
    • If you were writing a story, what story would you tell about this card?
    • How would you apply this information to the question you thought of?