happiness and decision making - changes aheadHappiness and Decision Making

What do you do when you come to a point in your life where a decision looms large on the horizon?

On the one hand, you can stay with the tried and true, the ‘same old shit’ devil you know. There is safety and comfort in knowing what to expect – even if it doesn’t make you want to sing and dance and jump out of bed smiling and raring to go every morning.

On the other hand there is the potential of the new and the different and the unknown and all the pleasures it could bring. But mixed with all of that potential is a small tingle of fear that stepping out into the unknown always brings, always asking us if this is what we really want? Are we prepared to risk “it”?

In the past I have always chosen the path with the greatest amount comfort and the least amount of fear. I’ve weighed up the pros and cons, sought the advice of friends and family, did what I felt was safest and best for every one in my life.

Do you recognize the process? Perhaps even followed it yourself on occasion?

Back then, I didn’t know any other way of making these big life changing decisions. Back then, I did what I thought was right. 

I know better now. Follow your feel good. Use the happiness factor when making major decisions in your life. Do what makes you happy because when you are happy, those around you have the greatest chance of being happy too. And even if those around you resist becoming happy along with you – you are still happy!!! Being happy doing what makes you feel happy is not being selfish – it’s being true to your authentic self and that can only be a good thing.

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Today another big decision waits not too far in front of me. A choice between the same old shit (wow does that energy ever feel heavy), and the crazy new shit (even saying ‘crazy new shit’ makes me smile). The difference with this decision is that I am making it based on one sole criteria – every step of the way, every small decision I make towards that final big decision has to make me happy. It has to bring joy and pleasure and happiness into my life. If it doesn’t bring joy and pleasure and happiness into my life then I rework the decision until it does.

The process is taking a bit longer than making decisions has done in the past, but the process itself is all part of this exciting adventure towards finding my authentic path, and if the process isn’t part of the fun then I’m doing something wrong.

How do you make decisions? What criteria do you use to determine the next steps in your life?

Till next time……..