The Alchemical Tarot The HeirophantI received a new deck of Tarot cards this week – the Alchemical Tarot deck, by Robert M. Place – and the deck is amazing!!

The images are beautifully crafted deep in symbolism and meaning. The cards are comfortable and welcoming to hold. And the colours are mesmerizing. This deck has very quickly become one of my all-time favourites!!

The power and magic of Alchemy has forged a long and deep history with Tarot and these cards bring that magic and power to the surface for the reader to absorb and understand – like the book that the Hierophant holds, open for all to see and learn from. The Soul Alchemist or Clarity Alchemist intuitively draws on these symbols to identify points of change or to become catalysts of transformation.

I decided to play with this deck this morning, interested to see what message the Alchemical Tarot wanted to share today. The energy of the Hierophant literally leapt off the table.

The symbols show this card as being drenched in the energies of opposites: of yin and yang; fire and water; Sol and Luna, night and day, the Empress and the Emperor, feminine and masculine; heaven and earth; the esoteric and the mundane.

By tradition, the Hierophant represents morality and tradition; sacred truth, value judgements; a wisdom tradition associated with authority, teaching, publishing and written communication.

In numerology the number 5 is the most dynamic and energetic single digit number – representing the pull opposing energies: of masculine and feminine energies; of being both adventurous and loyal; of breaking down and building up.

To me, the Hierophant sits as the red triangle of fire between opposing energies – today the Hierophant is dissolving these boundaries, and is letting these energies flow, mix, dissolve.

What do you see in this card? What symbols do you identify? What do these symbols mean to you? What messages do these symbols have for you?

What values or beliefs no longer serve you? Where have you broken with tradition? What do you have that you can teach to others?